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Japanese retailer Uniqlo has been specializing in inexpensive and on-trend apparel since its founding in 1974. Expanding to 1400 stores in 16 markets across the globe, Uniqlo is a burgeoning entry into the ever-popular "fast-fashion" segment.

While it is easy for anyone to get great deals at Uniqlo, there are some tips and tricks that can help consumers get even greater values on their purchases. Dealspotr is committed to saving customers as much money as possible, and with that in mind we have created the money-saving strategy list below.

Follow Uniqlo On Social Media

Why You Should Follow

Uniqlo is a company that is firmly planted in the 21st century. Knowing that, it is no surprise the brand's social media presence is very strong. Uniqlo maintains social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Through these various social media accounts, Uniqlo offers its followers the most up-to-the-minute information on sales and promotions. This is a great way for shoppers to avoid buying an item days before it is scheduled to go on sale!

Insider Tip

Subscribing to the Uniqlo newsletter is a great way for tech-savvy (and not-so-tech-savvy) consumers to get a sneak peak at the newest items, get event invitations, and have access to exclusive sales and promotional codes. Simply enter your email address on the site's newsletter page and you are signed up! When you sign up for the newsletter, you instantly get an email containing a promotional code for $10 off a purchase of $100!

Take Advantage of Uniqlo Promotions


How Uniqlo Coupons Work

One of the main tenants behind the "fast-fashion" segment of the retail world is to provide rock-bottom prices on merchandise. As Uniqlo strictly adheres to the "fast-fashion" business model, it is no surprise to discover that the company does not offer coupons on its site. As mentioned above, the store instead gives subscribers and followers access to exclusive promotional codes.

While there are a few occasional promo codes that can be used at Uniqlo's web store, most sales and promotions at the store are automatic. In fact, Uniqlo's site specifically discourages using promo codes from outside sources, though they do work most of the time.

Official promo codes from Uniqlo can be found in the newsletter that is mentioned above. These codes are added at the end of the order, before the customer enters any payment information.

Why You Should Use Promotions and Coupons

You should always try to use a coupon or take advantage of a promotion when shopping at Uniqlo. Unlike most of their competitors, Uniqlo has a policy against providing price-match service - the price you paid is always final. One way to get around this lack of a price adjustment policy is to return recently purchased items in-store and re-purchase at the sale price.

The good news is that Uniqlo is almost always running a promotion online and in-store. The store often puts new seasonal items on sale, such as a summer promotions offering discounts on fleece, Heattech jackets, and down coats.

Insider Tip

Keep an eye out for Weekly Promotions on the Uniqlo web site. These deals change constantly, so do not hesitate to pull the trigger if you have your eye on something in the Weekly Promotions page.

Shop Through Amazon for Deep Discounts


Why You Should Shop Via Amazon

One great way to save even more on Uniqlo's already-low prices is to shop through an outside web store. Many times when consumers price-compare, online retail sites like Amazon actually offer the best prices on items from Uniqlo.

Insider Tip

Shopping for Uniqlo items on Amazon is especially advantageous for Amazon Prime Members. While Uniqlo offers free shipping from their web store for any order over $50, Amazon Prime Members get free two day shipping on all orders!

Shop With Discounted Gift Cards From


What It Is

Sites like specialize in the buying and selling of unwanted or partially-used gift cards. Most of the world's largest retailers are featured on the site, including Best Buy, Target, Home Depot, and of course Uniqlo. Gift cards purchased through never expire.

How It Works

All available discounted gift cards from Uniqlo are conveniently listed on, allowing users to scan for the denomination and discount they desire.

When available, consumers are able to purchase electronic Uniqlo gift cards. Instead of having the physical gift card delivered with free shipping, the gift card code is emailed to the purchaser. A third way to redeem your discounted gift card is to opt for a printable voucher that can be used in-store.

Insider Tip

The Refer-a-Friend program is a great way to save even more money at Uniqlo and all the stores you love. Get a friend to sign up with your referral code and get $5 in instant Raise Rewards. Additionally, when your friend makes their first purchase, you get another $5 voucher!

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This guide was published on August 5, 2015, and last modified on August 5, 2015.
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