50 Devices, Kits, and Services to Save Money on Cracked Smartphone Screen Repairs

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50 Devices, Kits, and Services to Save Money on Cracked Smartphone Screen Repairs

Many of us know the agony of that moment when you fumble your cell phone, it drops to your ground, and lo and behold, it’s cracked beyond all recognition.

In fact, according to a 2015 report by Motorola, 50 percent of smartphone users globally will crack their phone at least once including 34 percent of US smartphone users.

And, while having a broken screen might be exceptionally common these days, it might be sending the wrong message to professional contacts and potential dates. A 2017 survey from Match and Research Now found that 86 percent of women judge dates negatively who haven’t fixed their cracked phone.

Thankfully, you’ve got tons of options when it comes to getting your screen repaired and for doing so relatively inexpensively. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you save money on your screen repair so you can actually read your texts and maybe even get that second date.

Here’s what you’ll get in this guide:

  • A comprehensive list of phone repair services

  • Advice and tools for repairing your screen on your own

  • A selection of insurance options for getting cheaper phone repairs

Phone repair services for cracked phone screens

Getting your screen replaced is a much less expensive alternative to purchasing a new phone each time you break the screen. These services can take care of fixing up your phone quickly and affordably. Some of them will even come fix your phone at your home or office at no extra charge, saving you time and money on taking it into a repair shop. Check these out:

  • Puls. With Puls, your repair technician comes directly to you, often in less than an hour which means you save time and money on a trip to the repair store. They’re equipped to handle a number of different tech issues with your phone, including offering cracked screen repairs for just $99.

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  • Office Depot. Offers same-day repairs at many of their Office Depot locations, plus a $25 rebate if your repair isn’t finished by the end of regular store hours. Repairs vary based on the model, but run at around $100.

  • iCracked. With locations in over 600 cities throughout the country, iCracked provides on-demand phone repair in under an hour with a mail-in option also available. Your technician can provide you with a quote depending on the model and the damage, but most repairs are around $99.

  • RockIT Repairs. Offers mail-in repair services for around $100. Once they receive your device, they’ll fix and return it in 24 hours including free USPS two-day priority mailing on the return.

  • Zagg Phone Repair. They also have a mail-in option with repair rates for iPhones that vary depending on your device and model, generally costing anywhere up to $109.99. They typically make your repairs and mail your device back priority the same day they receive it.

  • Mail In Repair. Offers mail-in screen repair services for $99 or less depending on the model. Repairs are typically completed within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the device.

  • Unduit. Works exclusively on Apple products and will match the price of any competitor who offers repairs at a lower rate. You can order on-demand repairs in the Chicago area or mail in your device to get fixed in around one to two days. They offer a lifetime warranty, will fix your phone if you crack it again within the first 30 days, and they always offer free shipping both ways.

  • iCare Repair. Provides smartphone repair services for a number of different brands. Rates vary depend on your device and the model, but tend to hover around $100-150. They typically complete repairs within 24 hours of processing and will ship it back to you with priority two-day shipping for free.

Do it yourself - toolkits and home fixes for cracked screens

One of the cheapest ways to repair a cracked phone screen is just to do it yourself. There are a number of different kits on the market that provide you with all of the tools necessary to fix your phone by yourself and the instructions to get the job done right. Bear in mind that this repair isn’t the easiest to do on your own especially if you’re not experienced with this type of stuff, but with a little patience and a lot of precision it’s definitely possible.

These kits are all available for under $80, which means you’ll save a nice chunk of change compared with getting someone else to repair it:

  • Repair Parts Plus. Offers a line of screen repair kits for iPhone, LG, Motorola, and Samsung phones, many of which are under $50.

  • iFixit. Their all-purpose DIY tool kit can help you with any number of phone issues and, unlike many kits, can be used over and over again. You’ll need to purchase the replacement screen, but this all-inclusive kit only runs you $59.95.

  • iCracked. These kits are only available for iPhone users, but they’ve got several models available at prices ranging from as low as $14.99 and up to $79.99.

  • DIY Mobile Repair. They have a few different repair kits including two universal kits for under $12 and several iPhone-specific repair kits.

  • Repairs Universe. Has a selection of tool kits available as well as the replacement parts that you need to fix your phone. Sign up for their email list to receive coupons and special offers.

  • Walmart. Check out Walmart’s online selection to find a number of different universal phone repair kits, including this 18-in-1 tool kit that’s only $5.99.

  • Digital Supply USA. Offers a selection of repair kits for iPhone and Samsung phones like this kit. Sign up for their mailing list to get free shipping and 25% off your first order.

  • Phone Remedies. They have screen repair kits available for Apple, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Google, Nokia, and Sony, most of which will run you under $60.

  • Cellular Repair Parts. Specializing in iPhone and Samsung products, they have a line of different screen repair kits available. Get 15% off your first order with code: SAVE15.

  • Cell Phone Repair Shop. Has all the supplies you need to fix your screen by yourself, plus free instructional and tutorial videos to help you make the repair.

  • Bang Good. Offers several different phone repair kits, as well as replacement screens for a wide variety of brands. Download their app to save 10% off your first order.

  • Staples. This universal phone repair toolkit is available for just $4.89.

  • StarTech. Their 28-piece, high quality universal phone repair kit is available for $31.99.

  • Fone Fun Shop. Check out their wide variety of universal toolkits starting at $6.54 as well as phone schematics to help you figure out what the heck you’re doing. They also offer replacement screens for Samsung, Sony, iPhone, iPad, HTC, LG, Nokia, Microsoft and more.

  • Sears. They have a range of different toolkits available for your phone repair needs.

  • Home Depot. Offers a bunch of different high-quality universal toolkits like this 17-piece kit for only $11.28.

Creative DIY techniques for cracked phone screens

Some folks have gotten truly inventive with their DIY screen repairs in order to save even more money. You’ll want to take these suggestions with a grain of salt as the results have been mixed, and if you don’t perform these repairs carefully you could do even more damage to your phone.

In addition, many of them will smooth out cracks, but not repair them completely. But, if you’re interested in trying out some super cheap, super easy DIY options for fixing your cracked screen check these methods out:

Tutorial videos for DIY cracked screen repair

Of course, just having the tools isn’t enough to get the job done. Check out these videos and resources to make sure you fix your phone correctly:

Get insurance through your mobile provider, device manufacturer, or a third party service

If you bought your phone from your service provider, you likely had the option to select an equipment insurance plan to cover lost, stolen, or damaged devices. Here are the ways you can get your cracked screen repair at least partially covered by several major mobile phone companies’ insurance plans:

  • AT&T. Their basic Mobile Insurance plan is just $8.99 per month. Upgrade to the Mobile Protection Plan for $11.99 per month to get access to unlimited phone repairs and fast service through the app. Screen repairs are subject to a $49 deductible.

  • Sprint. For their device protection customers, your first two screen repairs within the first 24 months of owning the device cost just $29 each. Insurance costs vary depending on what device you have, but are typically under $20 per month.

  • Verizon. Total Mobile Protection members can get their cracked screen repaired for just $29 and many repairs are done same-day. You can bring your phone into a Verizon store, have a technician come to your house, or even mail in your phone to get it repaired. Total Mobile Protection for smartphones is $13 per month.

  • T-Mobile. Their regular Jump! Insurance plan has a hefty $175 deductible for screen repairs. Once you’ve paid off 50% of your device and it’s in good shape, you can upgrade to a better plan where the deductible is only $99. Prices vary based on what tier your device is, but they’re mostly under $20 per month.

  • Best Buy. Geek Squad Protection is just $7.99 per month. If your screen gets cracked, they’ll replace it up to three times in the first 24 months for $199 or less.

  • SquareTrade. Offers insurance plans for a number of different devices at a rate of $89 annually or $129 for a two-year plan. Most deductibles are $99, however some screen repairs that can be done in-home are only subject to a $25 deductible. You have the option of getting your phone repaired in-home, sending it in by mail to be fixed, or taking it to a local repair shop or Genius Bar and getting reimbursed for repairs.

  • AppleCare. Their AppleCare+ program offers an extended two-year warranty on Apple products for $199. You can get your screen repaired up to two times during your warranty for just $29.

  • Samsung. The Premium Care program is $11.99 per month and extends your warranty for as long as you pay for coverage. Your first month of coverage is free through their trial program. Cracked screen repair will run you $99, plus they’ll send a technician to you for the repair.

  • eSurranty. Offers insurance plans for many different devices. Currently the annual fee for an iPhone X is $69.99 with screen damage repair setting you back $159. Use code PLAN15 to get 15% off your first order.

  • Securranty. Their two-year warranty fee smartphones costs $129. You get unlimited claims with a $99 deductible for damages.

There are so many options out there for fixing your cracked phone screen quickly and affordably, even from the comfort of your own home. Take advantage of these money-saving tips to make that cracked screen a thing of the past -- at least until the next time you drop it.

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This guide was published on April 18, 2018, and last modified on April 18, 2018.

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