10 Super Useful Products For Your Dog On Dealspotr

Looking for the best products to keep your dog safe, happy, and healthy? Here's a list of brands and accessories you and your dog will love.
Andie Schilstra
Updated January 4, 2019

The new year often brings new loved ones into the family, including 4-pawed babies! The New York Times said, “Bringing home a new pet is a big event for both a new pet owner, and the pet. Making sure you’re prepared in advance can make the change easier on everyone, and that includes buying the right gear, and reading up on what a new pet needs.”

In order to ensure your pet's well-being, dog parents need to make sure their pets are safe, comfy, and happy in their new homes. To do this, it's important to buy the right products for your dog to use both in and outside of the house!

At Dealspotr, we work with many different pet merchants to bring you exclusive discount codes for all of your favorite brands. Check out these 10 products you and your dog will love, found only on Dealspotr.


Keeping an eye on your pet and making sure they're safe and sound is a top priority for all pet owners. Tractive provides a live GPS tracking system for your dog or cat. The Tractive GPS 3G pet tracker enables you to locate your pet anytime, anywhere. You can see the exact location of your dog or cat directly on your smartphone or in any browser. Get your own Tractive GPS today using our Tractive promo codes to make sure your dog is safe at all times.

Hero Dog

Hero Dog sells dog beds, crate mats, and pet clothing and accessories. Whether you want to make your pupper more comfortable in his crate or dress him up for cold weather, Hero Dog is the place to go. Check out all of our coupon codes for Hero Dog, found only on Dealspotr.


HotDogCollars is the best place to get your dog some personalized gear! Find fun collars, tags, leashes, and harnesses in a wide variety of colors and patterns to fit your pooch's personality. Get all of the best discounts and coupons for HotDogCollars to use on your next purchase right on Dealspotr.

Third Eye Dog Bakery

Your 2019 body deserves good food, and so does your dog! Third Eye Dog Bakery sells all-natural, grain-free dog treats made with locally sourced ingredients. They also sell other high quality dog supplies for your favorite, furry, family member. Take advantage of our Third Eye Dog Bakery coupon codes to get your fur-baby some great new treats and apparel, found only on Dealspotr.

Educator Collars

Every dog learns commands and tasks at a different pace. E-collars are not a totally new product, but they are being developed in better and more controllable ways. Educator Collars provides a wide range of e-collar products for your dog to train with. Pet owners and professional trainers alike now have the ability to provide their dogs with the most humane and effective remote training dog e collar training available. Get your first e-collar today using our Educator Collars coupon codes on Dealspotr.

I and Love and You

The best love is the best food. That's why I and Love and You wants to provide the best food for all of your furry friends! They create real, whole, healthy pet foods to keep your cats and dogs healthy and happy with real meats and ingredients. Their mission is to help all pets live happier, healthier lives. If you're looking to do the same for your pets at home, use our I and Love and You discount codes for some money off your healthy food purchases!


Pawstruck is another business that started in order to provide pets across the USA with healthy, high-quality, and affordable treats, chews, food and more. Dog owners often want to find healthy treats for their pets, but run into the issue of only finding products with chemicals and artificial ingredients. Pawstruck provides your pet with quality treats that they deserve. Get your paws on some of these delicious treats using our Pawstruck coupon codes found only on Dealspotr.


NonScents provides products that eliminate pet odors instantly, permanently breaking down smells at the molecular level. They use natural ingredients that are safe and biodegradable in their air fresheners, enzyme-based cleaners, and absorbents. Make sure your home stays fresh and odor-free by using Dealspotr's NonScents coupon codes on your next purchases!

King Kanine

King Kanine develops naturally-derived products that are organic, safe, and great for your pets and the environment. Their products include CBD, which is a natural, plant-based compound that is non-toxic, non-psychoactive, and does not produce a so-called “high” that the cannabis plant does. King Kanine sells oils, sprays, edibles, and balms to help with the health of your furry pet, and they have been featured in dozens of publications for being one of the leading natural pet product manufacturers in the world. If you're interested in using CBD products on your dog at home, check out our discount codes for King Kanine right on Dealspotr.


Similar to Tractive, Findster is a GPS device for your pet(s) in order to track their location and activity. Findster allows you to track up to three pets on the same app, and are 100% waterproof. All you have to do is simply attach the GPS to your pet’s collar and track their location and activity on your phone in real-time - no cell coverage needed. Use Dealspotr's Findster coupon codes to help keep your pet safe.