Top 10 Extreme Couponing Groups & Pages on Facebook

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Emily Helwig
Top 10 Extreme Couponing Groups & Pages on Facebook

When it comes to online communities, the couponing community is one of the largest. Facebook has largely become a hub for like-minded people to come together and create groups, where they can share things they love and interact with others who share this common love.

As far as couponing Facebook groups go, there are groups for all types of bargain hunters. Looking for a large database of deals? What about tips on where to find inserts? Or coupons for a specific store? There are groups for all three, and countless others. Pages are also a popular way for like-minded people to connect and share, and they offer even more ways for Facebook users to locate and get help with coupons

Now, we’re bringing these must-see extreme couponing Facebook groups and pages to you. We’ve come up with 10 of the most helpful and interesting social couponing communities— so get your follow fingers ready to go for these groups and pages.

Extreme Couponing Facebook Groups

The Coupon Boutique
Members: 65.3k

If you’re looking for a generalized coupon group, The Coupon Boutique is for you. There are plenty of members posting very frequently, and most of the deals posted are actually worth trying. The moderator of the group is very responsive, and seems to try to moderate coupons as well as comments and other non-deal posts. If you’re looking for a group with a high volume of deals (we’re talking a deal a minute, sometimes) then The Coupon Boutique is for you.

Target Fanatics
Members: 30.7k

If Target is your go-to store, this is the Facebook group you’ve been waiting for. This group is solely for Target coupons, which the admins are very adamant about. But if you’re into the bullseye and know how to save money there, these are your people. There are a whole group of people who are in charge of this group, and they’ll usually spice up the savings posts with a few memes and fun videos about shopping at Target — a place where money seems to disappear from your wallet quicker than you can say Up & Up.

DG Digitals & Couponing
Members: 27.4k

Another store-specific group, DG Digitals & Couponing, is a group of people who coupon at Dollar General. From sharing the location of an item in-store, to getting help on which products a coupon can be used on, this is a super helpful community for anyone looking to hack savings at Dollar General. 

Something seen a lot in this group is someone asking for the best way to use a specific coupon. Then, members will all chime in about how they successfully used each coupon, and what worked for them. It’s a very fast-growing group, and definitely a must-join for any frequent DG shopper.

Freebies and Hot Deals
Members: 20.4k

If freebies are more your thing, this group is focused on finding the free product offers and promotions that you’re looking for. They also have regular coupon deals, so you won’t miss out on saving money either. Many of the posts are written by the group admin Kristy Keuer, who runs her own savings blog at But there are also a few other influential couponers who add posts to her wall, like Suzanne of Suzy Saver WNY. Kristy says of the page’s aim: 

“We strive to provide only the best deals while promoting the correct way to utilize sales and coupons. I’m always willing to help anyone out with their questions on sales, coupons and policies. We’re working hard to grow a community that helps one another save!”

Joining Freebies and Hot Deals will give you just what it promises — all the freebies and hot deals your heart desires, along with a friendly group to enjoy them with.

Extreme Couponing and Clearance Queens
Members: 9.1k

The part of this group that sets them apart from the others is that they outrightly mention that they support ethical couponing only. While the other groups seem to do so anyway, this is the one group that flat out states it in their about me. And while they call themselves queens, there’s no room for drama in this group — they really stress the idea that this group is a place where newbies can learn to coupon, and do so in a safe environment. After all, there are no stupid questions when it comes to couponing!

Extreme Couponing Facebook Pages

Yes We Coupon
Likes: 1.7M

Based on the website of the same name, the Yes We Coupon Facebook page is one of the most-followed coupon pages on the social media platform. The content is almost identical to that of the blog, but since it’s on Facebook, liking this page will ensure that these updates flow right into your news feed — right between your aunt’s photos of her cat and a high school friend’s latest family photo shoot. Not only is this page full of coupons, but there are always fun prompts to get you to interact with other members and the page administrators.

The Crazy Coupon Chick
Likes: 19.7k

This page has coupons for days, but also the added bonus of Missie, the Crazy Coupon Chick herself, popping up in a lot of the posts. She says: 

“I started couponing to save money for my family and decided to share my savings with friends and family. Now I share deals for the grocery stores, drug stores, retail stores and more with all of you. I love helping you save one clip at a time!”

As with most pages connected to blogs, almost all of the posts on this page are taken from the Crazy Coupon Chick site. With this in mind, the amount of coupons actually posted each day is pretty impressive for one person — usually over 50. Occasionally, in the events section of the page, Missie will list any upcoming couponing classes that she’s teaching. If you think you’re crazy about couponing, you’ll feel right at home on this page.

True Couponing
Likes: 212.2k

Kati Kiefer, who runs this page, is another couponing character on Facebook. She frequently posts videos on things like getting your shopping list together and using a coupon cutter correctly, and includes photos of herself in her feed all the time. Not to mention, she offers a good amount of coupons (since she knows what you’re really there for). Because she runs a blog, you’ll also find savings guides to all of your favorite stores like Publix and CVS. There’s a True Couponing group on Facebook as well, but the page should work just fine if you’re looking for coupons and color commentary.

Coupons For Your Family
Likes: 13k

Coupons For Your Family might sound like it’s only geared towards those of you with kiddos at home, with posts about reusable diapers and coupons for Babies R Us. And while these deals do occasionally pop up, there are so many other helpful couponing tips that no matter if you’re in a family of 5 or it’s just you and your fish — you’ll be able to find a useful coupon on this page. Frequent posts include Amazon sale items and lists of drug store freebies. And their motto? “Make a choice. Save more. Live better. BE A STAR!” 

Everyone Loves Couponing
Likes: 136.7k

This super popular page is last because it’s somewhat a mix of a page and a group. While the Everyone Loves Couponing will give you all the coupons, deals, and freebies you’re looking for in a page, their claim to fame is also the 9 private groups they run, all focused around couponing. This page is the best of all 9 worlds, coming together to give you the coupons you want — they even have a post asking for store recommendations to make sure they’re giving the fans what they want. 


Of course, you can also always check out Dealspotr’s Facebook page to connect with coupon bloggers, find couponing hack guides to stores like Target and Rite Aid, and more. Need an excuse to spend time on social media? Following these groups and pages will let you do so while also saving you money.

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This guide was published on June 18, 2017, and last modified on June 18, 2017.

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