How to Find a UNIQLO Promo Code (When Google Comes Up Short)

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How to Find a UNIQLO Promo Code (When Google Comes Up Short)

UNIQLO is paving the way as the new destination for simple yet quality clothing. Right now, people of all ages are flocking to this Japanese clothing outlet for their casual basics.

Currently one of the leading brands for a classic grey t-shirt, easy-fit jeans, or a quality jacket, UNIQLO offers timeless pieces for an affordable price.

This is why consumers are wondering, where are the promo codes? This store has become a mall giant, so there must be usable promo codes out there somewhere.

You’re in luck! There are tons of UNIQLO promo codes waiting to be used. You just have to know where to find them. Let us give you the tools you need to be able to find the best coupon promo codes for UNIQLO.

Ready, go!

Find promos directly on the UNIQLO website

Let’s start off with the obvious choice. Sometimes the best place to find promos is at the source. You can find weekly promos offered by UNIQLO right on their website.

Hover over the red “WEEKLY PROMOS” tab at the top of the homepage and it’ll give you a list of options to choose from. Pick from women’s, men’s girls, and boys to find specific promo codes for that section.

This isn’t the hottest spot to find UNIQLO promo codes, but it’s a great place to check for inventory on sale.

Sign up for UNIQLO’s email newsletter

No one likes getting tons of emails all the time, but sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to save! An email subscription is how you get single-use promo codes (unless you use Dealspotr, which we’ll explain in a second).

UNIQLO makes it extremely easy to sign up for their emails. It only takes a minute.

If you don’t get this pop up immediately when you get to the site:

Simply go to their homepage, scroll all the way down to the bottom, and you’ll see this “Uniqlo E-Member” field.

Plug in your email, and you’re done! You’ll start receiving emails before you know it.

You’ll also get a special welcome offer after you sign up (usually $10). How cool is that?

Download the UNIQLO app - you can scan barcodes to find instant deals

For added savings, you can also download the UNIQLO app on Android or iPhone. Once downloaded, it’s pretty much like the normal desktop site. But the app can come in handy when you’re in the store, too.

That’s right, you’ll actually be able to scan a barcode and see any deals/codes that might be applicable to the item you’re buying. Just a few extra seconds with the UNIQLO app could save you a few dollars in-store.

Follow UNIQLO on all social media platforms

This may work better for you than signing up for emails (even though you should do that, too!).

As a society, we’re on social media every day. You might as well follow your favorite clothing brand on social media, because that’s often where brands announce sales, deals, and special promotions.

Follow UNIQLO on Instagram, but probably more importantly, Twitter. On Twitter, you’ll get faster news about promotions than you will on any other social media outlet.

Though they don’t post about deals as often as other brands, you’ll stay in-the-know with events and announcements.

Search coupon sites for working promo codes

Coupon websites are a dime a dozen, but a GOOD coupon site is worth its weight in gold.

Sites like SlickDeals, RetailMeNot, and Dealspotr are fantastic discount promo code shopping apps when you want to find a working promo code.

SlickDeals is a useful resource when you want a straightforward coupon promo code that you know will work. A simple search for UNIQLO, and you’re knee deep in discounts, sales, and savings.

Though SlickDeals is trusty, it’s a little messy visually. There’s great savings in there, but the navigation on the site or app can be tricky.

RetailMeNot offers cash back deals similar to Ibotta, which a lot of people appreciate.

RetailMeNot is also a place for deals where promo codes aren’t needed. For example, you might click on a deal and it’ll redirect you to the brand’s website where the deal was found.

But at this point if you’ve been following along, you’ll already know what deals are on UNIQLO’s website anyway! There’s no real need to find deals on a coupon site that are already on the clothing store’s website.

It also redirects you to UNIQLO’s website without much notice, which is inconvenient.

Dealspotr is another helpful promo code source. This money saving app actually lets users verify promo codes, so you’ll know you’re getting a working one before you even try it at checkout.

You’ll find some really deep savings and promo codes on the Dealspotr UNIQLO deal page that you won’t find anywhere else. Our community of regular people consistently updates and removes non-working codes, helping people save on their favorite UNIQLO items.  

Find other people’s unused “single-use” promo codes on Dealspotr

Single-use promo codes, which are codes that are for one-time-only usage by one person, are a dime a dozen. These are promo codes that might have been sent to your email after signing up for a newsletter or similar promotion. But what if you aren’t interested in using this code? You might let it go to waste. Such is the case for people everywhere.

On Dealspotr, if a person doesn’t want to use their single-use code, they can post it on Dealspotr and let someone else reap the benefits.

On Dealspotr, you’re able to filter the UNIQLO promo codes by single-use, along the lefthand side. Once you do that - voila! You have a TON of working, single-use promo codes waiting for you. You’ll see how many single-use codes there are (in this case, there are 36), and you can click on that to check out what one-time-only promo codes they have.

You can also just search “UNIQLO single use codes” in the search toolbar to see results, if you’re in a hurry.

Find UNIQLO products at other retailers & use a code for that retailer

If you’re looking for the most stealth-mode way to find promo codes for UNIQLO products, this has to be it. UNIQLO is, well, unique in that they sometimes sell their products at other retailers. These retailers are called “third-party” stores.

On Dealspotr, you’re able to see all of the available third-party deals for a particular brand/store. The third party deals option is right under where the single-use codes option is. Click on “3rd party deals” and it’ll take you to find deals and promotions from other sources.

You can find deals on UNIQLO goods at Amazon, Raise, eBay, and other sites that have deep discounts - just be sure to check the health bar of the deal before using. The advantage of searching Dealspotr’s site for these third-party deals is that you’ll find them all in one place. You won’t have to take the time of checking each individual site for good discounted items and codes.

Go forth, and save!

With these helpful tips, you’ll find awesome UNIQLO promo codes and discounts in seconds. Never leave another promo code box empty. Start shopping UNIQLO and start saving!

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This guide was published on November 8, 2017, and last modified on November 8, 2017.
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