30 of the Best Organic Skincare Brands, and How to Save Money on Each

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30 of the Best Organic Skincare Brands, and How to Save Money on Each

Organic skincare has exploded in popularity in recent years, promising safer, chemical-free options for health-conscious consumers. But with premium products often follow high prices not everyone can afford — and not all organics are created equally, either.

Before purchasing any "organic" products, make sure you check labels for authentic organic certification, and read each product's ingredients. Some brands only have a few all-organic items, and the rest integrate "natural" or other misleadingly-labelled  substances that are not as safe as they appear. 

But don't fret too much! We've sorted through the top organic skincare brands to bring you the best in both authenticity — and savings. Here are the top organic skincare brands (and brands that offer organic skincare products) with tips on how to find each for less.

The top 30 organic skincare brands, and how to save money on each

Nourish Organic

Known as "organic beauty pioneers," Nourish Organics were among the first to create chemical-free, eco-friendly skincare certified organic by the USDA. Made in the USA, Nourish offers comprehensive skincare for the face and body.  

How to save on Nourish Organic:

Sign up for their email newsletter for exclusive offers and giveaways, and get free shipping on U.S. orders over $69. You can also try these promo codes at checkout before you pay full price — you could get up to 30% off.

More ways to save:

  • Vitacost offers discounts on Nourish and many other organic skin care brands/products. You can find Vitacost promo codes here.
  • Amazon has deals on products like the Nourish Organic Skin Solve (normally $19.99) for $16.74 via Prime.
  • On eBay you can Buy It Now with free shipping for $15.


Certified by several organizations including USDA organic, Éminence makes a variety of skincare products from moisturizers to masks, and many of their products are used in Eminence-endorsed spas worldwide.

For fully certified USDA organic products, check their USDA Collection, which features travel-size versions of favorites like this shea butter and mint moisture balm.

What's more? Éminence plants a tree for every product sold.

How to save on Éminence:

Purchase their products at a spa or dermatologist near you, and if you're buying online be sure to use a promo code for up to 37% off original prices.

More ways to save:

    Check out Eminence products on Vitacost, eBay, or Amazon at a discount.

    Dr. Bronner

    A legend in the fight for organic integrity, Dr. Bronner's products are certified organic and fair trade, vegan, cruelty-free, and certified kosher. Their online store features Dr. Bronner's most beloved soaps (many can be used for household cleaning as well as on the body), lotions, and lip balms. You can also check your local health food stores or regular grocery/department stores for Dr. Bronner products, too.

    How to save on Dr. Bronner:

    Check the Dr. Bronner site for 15% off monthly specials on select products, and you can get up to $10 off your order with these promo codes

    More ways to save:

      Check for Dr. Bronner items at Vitacost, as well as eBay, and Amazon Prime. Etsy has some similar homemade products as well.

      Earth Mama Organics

      Specializing in products for newborns and their mothers, Earth Mama Angel Baby is certified by the USDA, OTCO, and Non-GMO Project Verified. Search their locator for stores that sell their products here.

      How to save on Earth Mama Organics:

      All U.S. orders over $49 ship free from their site, and you can search for promo codes to use here.  

      More ways to save:

        Check for numerous discounts on Amazon, and savings of up to 50% on Vitacost

        Mountain Rose Herbs

        Mountain Rose Herbs has an extensive collection of natural, all-organic body and skincare products (like body butter and lotions), bath products (like soaps, skin scrubs, and body wash), as well as products for babies and children, facial skincare, and massage oils.

        How to save on Mountain Rose Herbs:

        Check out their specials section for clearance items and monthly specials of up to 60% off regular prices on assorted skincare and other products. You can also search Dealspotr for a promo code before purchasing. 


        With certifications from USDA organic, Organic Consumers Association, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and more, Trillium is a trusted provider of organic skincare products for the face and body.

        How to save on Trillium:

        Check their main site's Deal of the Day for great discounts, get free shipping on select orders over $75, and get special offers when you subscribe to their mailing list.

        More ways to save:

          Amazon and eBay carry Trillium products, but our favorite pink grapefruit body polish wasn't any cheaper on either site. Etsy has some similar body scrubs for less, though.

          Intelligent Nutrients

          Offering comprehensive skincare for all skin types, Intelligent Nutrients is USDA certified organic, available via distributors throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore and their main website.

          How to save on Intelligent Nutrients:

          Their site offers a Specials section for great discounts and free shipping on site orders over $75, and you can always find promo codes for Intelligent Nutrients here

          Sky Organics

          With all skincare products USDA-certified organic, Sky Organics has everything from bath products to lip balms, body butters, and essential oils - and they're all cruelty-free as well.

          How to save on Sky Organics:

          The Sky Organics site offers free shipping on all orders, and a handy DIY section so you can make some of your own products at home. Be sure to check for promo codes before you pay full price.

          More ways to save:

          • Amazon has numerous discounts on Sky products with Prime.
          • Walmart has items like this jojoba oil for only $13.95 with free shipping (price on company site is $19.95). Plus, find Walmart promo codes here.


          Lotus Cosmetics USA has USDA organic certified makeup for the lips, eyes, and face. Although some products include "natural" ingredients (be sure to check the labels!), most are affordably priced on the main website (with free shipping on orders over $50).

          How to save on Lotus:

          Check out lower Lotus prices on eBay and Amazon.

          Organic 101

          Organic 101 sells only USDA certified organic skin products and they've started with two categories — deodorants and lip balm — but soon will sell soaps, too.

          How to save on Organic 101:

          Follow them across social media for new developments and giveaways, and you'll always get free shipping on orders over $29.

          Bubble and Bee

          Bubble and Bee has USDA certified organic skincare products of several varieties like this Raspberry Vanilla Body Butter and L'Creme de Face Cream. They also offer an effectiveness guarantee on their deodorants (details here).

          How to save on Bubble and Bee:

          Follow them across social media for updates and giveaways.


          Choose from 9 categories of certified organic skincare when you shop Korres, each infused with distinctive pomegranate, basil, crocus, black pine, or wild rose blends.

          According to Tree Hugger, Korres maintains long-term organic farm partnerships to ensure the quality of each product they create, even employing "plant-hunters" to seek out and study the benefits of new plants.

          How to save on Korres:

          For a limited time, you can get 15% off your first order, or use one of these 20% off promo codes. Deals as steep as half off originally priced items can be found on their sale page.

          More ways to save:

            Visit eBay for gems like a $5.99 mini-skincare trio.

            Olivina Men

            Olivina men has assorted men's skincare products with some certified organic by the USDA (check labels) like this Cedar & Bergamot Restorative Hand Cream and this Shave Prep & Beard Oil.

            How to save on Olivina Men:

            They offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more, and you'll get a free cleansing cloth with every order, no matter the price. 

            Scroll to the bottom of the site to sign up for newsletter updates on deals and new products, as well at 10% off your first order. Check out wholesale pricing and events here, find a distributor near you with their store locator here, and find some Olivina Men promo codes here.

            More ways to save:

              eBay has a few bargains on Olivina Men, as does Amazon.

              Desert Essence

              Certified organic by either NSF or USDA standards, Desert Essence has products from cleanser and essential oils to body wash, lotion, shampoo, and hand cream.  As usual, we prefer the USDA certified products, like this Gentle Nourishing Cleanser and this Restorative Face Oil.

              How to save on Desert Essence:

              You'll always get free shipping and samples with orders over $30, and you can sign up for their newsletter to receive exclusive offers (bottom right corner of site). Also, check for BOGO promo codes here.

              More ways to save:

                Scroll through Desert Essence items on Vitacost for up to 25% off, and eBay and Amazon have deals, too. 


                Motherlove Herbal Company offers products to pregnant and lactating new moms and their babes through their website or retail distributors.

                How to save on Motherlove:

                Discounted USDA certified Motherlove products can be found on Amazon (although prices weren't much cheaper than the main site), eBay (for a range of prices) and Vitacost (where deals look a bit better). Dealspotr has assorted codes and expert shopping picks for this brand as well.


                SanRe is a family-owned and operated USDA-certified skincare company. Try them out with 8-piece face or body samples for $8.99 here.

                How to save on Sanre:

                Register for their newsletter to get 15% off your first order, and 20-25% off promo codes sent to you for future orders.

                More ways to save:

                  Get their $4.99 Sweet Lips lip balm on Amazon with free shipping via Prime.

                  Badger Balm

                  Badger Balm has numerous products which bear the USDA organic certified seal, offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and include free shipping with orders over $25.

                  How to save on Badger Balm:

                  Get a gander at this selection of great deals under $10 on their site, all certified organic. Visit their Sales & Discounts page as well for heavily slashed prices like these anti-bug balm sticks for $5.59. Follow Badger Balm across social media for updates and giveaways too.

                  More ways to save:

                    Vitacost has 15% off many Badger Balm products, and eBay has some deals worth a glance also.

                    Lily Farm Fresh Skincare

                    With a website that boasts of being, "the only skin care in the world grown on our own USDA certified organic farm and handcrafted fresh in our own USDA certified organic laboratory," Lily Farm Fresh makes cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and specialty products.

                    How to save on Lily Farm Fresh:

                    All orders ship free over $99 and come with a satisfaction guarantee.

                    Want more deals? Amazon has a few bargains on Lily Farm Fresh, and don't forget to try this 15% off promo code

                    Indian Meadow Herbals

                    Nine of their 15 skin care products are certified USDA organic, such as the Wild Blueberry Lavender Facial Mist, Bite Balm Salve, and Love Your Face Cream, some of which are included in their affordable sample pack.

                    How to save on Indian Meadow herbals:

                    You can sign up for their email list, and you will receive exclusive sales notices designed for their most loyal customers. 

                    S.W. Basics

                    S.W. Basics has a bountiful array of products, several of which are USDA certified — like this Mini Exfoliant, the 3-Ingredient Organic Cream, and this 3-Ingredient (including organic rosewater) Cleanser.

                    How to save on S.W. Basics:

                    Get free shipping with U.S. orders over $75 made on the site. Scroll to the bottom to sign up for newsletter updates and follow S.W. Basics on social media for promotions and giveaways. Find a distributor near you here. You can also save 15% off your first order with one of these promo codes.

                    Sona Organics

                    Sona Organics are USDA organic certified and come in a variety of products like body butter, insect repellent, face cream, foot salve, lip balm, and more.

                    How to save on Sona Organics:

                    Get a handy sampler pack for $5 and follow them across social media for great deals, announcements, and giveaways.

                    Rose Tattoo Aftercare

                    Baby your skin after getting that ink with Rose Tattoo Aftercare — it's all USDA certified organic, and some are even vegan.

                    How to save on Rose Tattoo:

                    Get wholesale prices here (along with free shipping), and all regular orders over $60 ship free. Keep an eye on their News section for upcoming events and new product launches (like their new body piercing aftercare products).


                    Several of the items in the Aromatica Collection from Peach & Lily are ECOCERT certified organic, others are both organic and vegan.

                    How to save on Aromatica:

                    Subscribe to Peach & Lily's email list to get 10% off your first order. You'll also get free shipping and 2 free samples with all orders over $50, and don't forget to check for promo codes, too. 

                    More ways to save:

                      eBay has prices slashed on a range of Aromatica products, as does Amazon.


                      Miessence offers many organic skin care products including exfoliators, masks, moisturizers, skin brighteners, and hydrating mists.

                      How to save on Miessence:

                      Find deals on their homepage shopping site, and check for deals on Dealspotr.

                      Dr. J Organicare

                      Dr. J Organicare makes numerous organic skin products, like their USDA certified organic body balm, which can be purchased on their site with free shipping.

                      How to save on Dr. J Organicare:

                      You'll receive 5% off when you create a Dr. J account and subscribe to the newsletter.

                      Organic Essence

                      From face and body butters, to foot butters, lip balms, and deodorants, Organic Essence products are 100% USDA organic certified. Find a distributor in your area of the USA here or internationally here, and get deals on wholesale prices here.  

                      How to save on Organic Essence:

                      While you're on the site, scroll to the bottom and enter your email to subscribe to their newsletters and get a heads up on future discounts. Also, check for promo codes here.


                      The always controversial Dr. Mercola offers assorted organic skin products in his site's Hair & Skincare section as well as Lotions & Body Butters, and Essential Oils.

                      How to save on Mercola:

                      Be sure to try out these promo codes before you pay full price anywhere - you could save up to 10%.


                      Aussie-based Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr is 100% COSMOS ECOCERT certified, non-GMO verified, cruelty-free, and ships worldwide.  

                      How to save on Kora:

                      Check out their rewards system here for discounts, and be sure to visit their sale page.

                      Chagrin Valley

                      Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company is also 100% USDA certified organic, offering a bevy of bath and body products for the face, hair, and skin. They also offer products specifically for men, babies, and pets, and a unique set of herbal salves, bug repellents, and gifts.  

                      How to save on Chagrin Valley:

                      Check their specials section for deals (like these scrap sacks) to get up to a whole pound of natural soap odds and ends free with your order! You can also get free shipping on orders over $50 through the month of May on their site.

                      More ways to save:

                        Keep an eye out for deals Chagrin Valley products on Amazon, or at any of retail stores where Chagrin Valley products are sold.

                        Josie Maran

                        Josie Maran's 100% organic argan oil offers deep moisturizing, intense hydration, and is cruelty-free, vegan, and easily absorbed. (A full skincare line is offered, but check ingredients for certified organics other than the argan oil).

                        How to save on Josie Maran:

                        Get 3 free samples on all orders made on their website, and free shipping on all orders over $25, or try these discount codes.

                        Antonym Cosmetics

                        Antonym Cosmetics are ECOCERT-certified organic, free of animal-derived ingredients and synthetic compounds, use only FSC-certified paper products in their packaging, and never test on animals.

                        How to save on Antonym:

                        They offer free shipping on orders over $50, and military members always get 15% off here. Get 10% off your order right off the bat by signing up for their email updates, or use Dealspotr's exclusive promo code for 15% off your order.

                        While these brands surely don’t exhaust the possibilities out there, we think it’s a great starting point for the organic skincare shoppers. 

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