These 9 Smart Water Bottles (Like Hidrate Spark) Sync with Fitbit, iOS, and Android to Track Your Water Intake

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Rachel Auerbach
These 9 Smart Water Bottles (Like Hidrate Spark) Sync with Fitbit, iOS, and Android to Track Your Water Intake

 Smart water bottles are the answer to not drinking enough water in the day. Through Bluetooth connectivity and smart technology, these water bottles can track how much water you're drinking in a day and even remind you to drink more. Whether hitting your fitness goals is important to you or you're fascinated by the technology, we're here to tell you which option is best for you.

The water bottles each have their own unique set of features, along with tech-savvy tracking methods and platform compatibility. Here's which water bottles are compatible with different smartphone platforms:

  • iOS: Hidrate Spark, DrinKup, Equa, Ozmo Java+, Bellabeat, Thermos, Hydra, H2OPal
  • Android: Hidrate Spark (Limited), Equa, Ozmo Java+, Bellabeat, Thermos, Hydra, H2OPal
  • Fitbit: Hidrate Spark, DrinKup, Thermos, H2OPal

Here's a closer look at the top smart water bottle options on the market.

Smart Water Bottles Geared for Fitness

DrinKup Bottle

The DrinKup bottle is one of the top choices on the market right now for two reasons: it looks elegant, but has a boat-load of features. All of the technology is found in the smart lid, which has an LED screen designed for monitoring your progress. The bottle connects to your Apple device to provide more detailed information on the DrinKup app. 

The bottle synchronizes automatically with the app and vibrates to remind you to drink more water. The smart lid can tell you the drink's temperature, when to replace the water, the battery life, and your water balance status.

  • How Does It Track: Water consumption is displayed on the LED smart lid.
  • Reviews: 4.2/5, based on 89 reviews
  • Unique Feature: This bottle also tests water quality to make sure you're only drinking the freshest water.
  • Connectable Devices: iOS, Fitbit
  • Price: $69.00
  • Where To Buy: DrinKup – check out the Dealspotr deals first.

Hidrate Spark

This smart water bottle is the most popular on the market because of its unique design and powerful features. The bottle syncs to the Hidrate app, recording your water intake. There's a sensor inside the bottle that will automatically track the water you drink each day. This bottle is also one of the only options with a medical study to back it up, where the bottle is proven to be accurate within 3%. 

The bottle glows when you need to drink more and the app will also send you reminders for when you're below your goal for the day. The durable Tritan plastic makes it ideal for taking through grueling workouts or a morning hike. The bottle integrates with many fitness apps like Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, Nokia Health Mate, and Under Armour Record.

  • How Does It Track: The sensor in the bottle tracks the amount of water in the bottle and sends the information to the app.
  • Reviews: 4.8/5, based on 659 reviews
  • Unique Feature: The middle of the bottle glows to remind you to drink more water.
  • Connectable Devices: iOS, Android, Fitbit
  • Price: $54.95
  • Where To Buy: Hidrate Spark - check out the Dealspotr deals first!

Thermos Connected with Smart Lid

Thermos is no amateur when it comes to water bottles – they've been making insulated products for over 110 years. With years in the business, they're bound to be involved in some of the biggest forms of innovation and the newest step is smart water bottles. The bottle connects to the Thermos app and monitors your personalized hydration goal based on your health goals. The bottle also monitors the temperature of the liquid in the bottle. 

The sensor tube on the lid measures the water intake while providing real-time temperature readings. The app also charts daily, weekly, and monthly hydration progress. The durable Tritan plastic means it'll last through your morning workout to your evening commute.

  • How Does It Track: The sensor tube in the lid measures water intake.
  • Reviews: 3/5, based on 489 reviews
  • Unique Feature: The app creates daily, weekly, and monthly graphs to monitor your hydration progress.
  • Connectable Devices: iOS, Android, Fitbit
  • Price: $59.99
  • Where To Buy: Thermos - check out the Dealspotr deals first!

Smart Water Bottles Designed For Fashion

Ozmo Java+

Ozmo currently has two bottles on the market: the Active and Java+. The Active tracks your water for your healthy lifestyle, but the Java+ tracks your favorite drinks and balances your coffee drinking habits. The Java+ comes with a wireless charging cradle that can charge the bottle for up to three weeks. 

The bottle detects water level changes between sensor levels, or about two ounces. The plastic body of the bottle is durable and will survive the hustle of everyday life. The LED light on the bottle displays your hydration goal and the bottle vibrates to remind you to keep hydrated.

  • How Does It Track: The multi-level sensors detect changes in water volume.
  • Reviews: There are currently no reviews on this model, but the Ozmo Active received 3.6/5, based on 211 Amazon reviews.
  • Unique Feature: The bottle is charged through a wireless charging stand.
  • Connectable Devices: iOS, Android
  • Price: $99.99
  • Where To Buy: Ozmo - check out the Dealspotr deals first!

Equa Smart Bottle

Equa has a wide range of water bottles, but this Indiegogo-based smart bottle is a unique design for the brand. The majority of the range is based on beautiful and trendy glass bottle designs. The stainless steel smart bottle campaign began in June 2018 and will continue through October 2018. The chic design is paired with an equally-beautiful app that's has tracking and analytics features. 

The bottle glows to send you reminders of when to take water, tracks how much water you've had, and can even communicate with you without the need of your phone. If you tap the bottle, different glows will tell you whether or not your water intake is on track for the day. The smart bottle is finished off with a real marble lid to give an extra touch of luxury.

  • How Does It Track: The tracker on the bottom of the bottle connects to the app to monitor consumption. The brand developed an algorithm to understand specific bottle movements they can translate into useful data.
  • Reviews: There are currently no reviews on the product since it is still in production.
  • Unique Feature: The bottle sends you glow reminders to drink water.
  • Connectable Devices: iOS and Android
  • Price: $69.00 – originally $84
  • Where To Buy: Indiegogo

Bellabeat Spring

The Bellabeat Spring tracks daily hydration and sends you regular reminders to keep hydrated. The app calculates an optimal amount of water based on your health and goals. Spring updates your daily levels with every sip and you can get real-time data by shaking your bottle. The coin cell battery means no charging and no-fuss tracking.

Bellabeat designed the elegant bottle with Borosilicate glass and silicon rubber to be eco-friendly and durable. The bottle can certainly be used during grueling workouts, but the bottle definitely deserves to be a desktop accessory.  

  • How Does It Track: Spring has highly sensitive sensors embedded in the base of the bottle to measure the amount of water consumed.
  • Reviews: 5/5, based on 29 reviews
  • Unique Feature: The bottle can tell the difference if you accidentally spill your water. 
  • Connectable Devices: iOS, Android
  • Price: $89.00
  • Where To Buy: Bellabeat - check out the Dealspotr deals first!

Smart Water Bottles Created For Utility


This premium water bottle doesn't only just look cool – it is cool. The bottle is made from high-grade borosilicate glass, protective silicone bands, and a stainless steel lid. The H2OPal app connects to the water bottle to track consumption via the tracker in the base of the bottle. The app sends smart and timely notifications if you ever get off track throughout the day.

The best part of the bottle is the removable tracker, which allows it to be cleaned easily and be attached to different water bottles. While the bottle is marketed as a great option for fitness junkies, the bottle needs to be put down every time you drink from it to properly calculate the amount you drank, so it's better suited for office use. 

  • How Does It Track: The sensor in the base of the water bottle.
  • Reviews: 3.7/5, based on 127 reviews
  • Unique Feature: The smart technology is removable, so you can use it on any compatible water bottle. 
  • Connectable Devices: iOS, Android (Beta), Fitbit
  • Price: $99.00
  • Where To Buy: H2OPal - check out the Dealspotr deals first!

Sportline HydraCoach

This intelligent water bottle has its own computer attached to it to track your water intake. This California-based brand designed this bottle a few years back, but they're still going strong with the product. The bottle doesn't rely on a mobile app, making it unique in this lineup.

The small black and white display shows how much water you've drunk and the time it has taken you to do so. In order to get better readings, it's better to take bigger sips so the monitor can accurately read the sips. While it can't be connected to any smart home systems, it still is a functional way to track your daily water intake.

  • How Does It Track: The integrated device on the bottle.
  • Reviews: 2.8/5, based on 681 reviews
  • Unique Feature: The bottle doesn't require a smartphone, so you can take it anywhere and it will still function.
  • Connectable Devices: N/A
  • Price: $39.99
  • Where To Buy: HydraCoach - check out the Dealspotr deals first!

Hydra Smart Bottle

This tech-savvy water bottle is a camper's best friend. This water bottle is a lantern, Bluetooth speaker, and power bank all in one. The speaker can sync with your phone to play soothing music or your current playlist. The one downside: this powerful bottle doesn't have a hydration reminder, so it may be the best option for you if you already can remember to drink all your water. 

The water bottle has a ton of great features that can be used by fitness fanatics, outdoorsy folk, and even the busy bees. It has important tools that could be used during a number of different situations (I'm talking to you, power bank). My favorite: the lamp can be switched into emergency mode to call for help.

  • How Does It Track: N/A
  • Reviews: 3.8/5, based on 134 reviews
  • Unique Feature: The bottle has a portable power bank, lamp, and Bluetooth speaker.
  • Connectable Devices: iOS, Android
  • Price: $55.90
  • Where To Buy: Amazon

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