5 Stores You've Never Heard Of That Give Amazing Discounts

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Andie Schilstra
5 Stores You've Never Heard Of That Give Amazing Discounts

According to the findings of a study on Statista, 60.8 percent of surveyed respondents stated that coupons had an influence on their decision making when purchasing grocery products, while in comparison 36.9 percent of respondents reported similarly when deciding on where to dine out. Coupons affect decision making for almost any category of products, making coupons essential to the consumer when purchasing new things.

Dealspotr provides shoppers with the more of the best, exclusive, working coupon codes than any other deal site, in order to make your shopping decisions easy and cheaper. If you hate expired coupon codes and want some great new deals, check out these 5 stores that give amazing discounts for products you'll want to purchase ASAP.


JACHS NY is a clothing brand that prides themselves in paying great attention to detail. Since their founding in 2008, they strive to make the perfect clothing for people who want to live their own American dream. They start their designs with custom fabrics and turn them into contemporary, unique designs. You can find outerwear, shirts, chinos, and sweaters for men and women all on their site, made perfectly for your everyday wear and adventures. Their brand’s philosophy is: great style should be effortless. What's better than their cozy, custom clothing? Their discounts! Check out these JACHS NY coupon codes for your next online shopping spree.

Spindle Mattress

Spindle is an old-fashioned e-commerce mattress company, selling high-quality latex mattresses that are both comfortable and affordable. While memory foam mattresses have become the new “mattress fad,” the founders of Spindle want to elevate latex mattresses and raise awareness among consumers so that they become a popular alternative to memory foam. BedTimes Magazine noted that, “a queen-size mattress retails for $1,349, which Spindle touts on its website as being $1,000 below comparable latex mattresses offered by other retailers.” Here's your chance to get up to $200 your very own mattress using Dealspotr's Spindle coupon codes!

Beauty Charcoal

Beauty Charcoal sells activated charcoal products for people of all ages to use! They are safe for children and pregnant women, and use only natural and organic ingredients. Their products include activated charcoal powder for teeth whitening, activated charcoal whitening toothpaste, a bristle toothbrush, an activated charcoal deep cleansing soap, as well as an activated charcoal facial peel-off mask. If you're interested in skin care or dental care and want to try the wonders of activated charcoal, check out Dealspotr's Beauty Charcoal coupons giving you up to 20% your entire purchase.

Dog Pawty

Dog Pawty is an online store selling dog-themed apparel, jewelry, and accessories. They offer innovative apparel and jewelry for dog lovers, as well as numerous safety essentials for dogs. Their jewelry includes customizable necklaces, best friends necklace and collar tag pieces, as well as paw rings and adorable dog lover quotes. If you and your fur baby are as cute as these accessories are, use Dealspotr's Dog Pawty coupon codes to get the best deals on these adorable pieces.


SENA is an online store selling accessories for phones, tablets and laptops. They bring ancient tradition in leather craftsmanship to their products, and use leather artisans and diverse influences of Istanbul for all of their unique styles. Their cases are crafted with such detail, and keep your electronics both safe and stylish. You can even buy phone cases and screen cover sets, making their product bundles cheaper purchase. Get some of these leather accessories using Dealspotr's SENA discount codes, saving you up to 40% off site-wide.

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This guide was published on January 11, 2019, and last modified on January 11, 2019.
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