Top 20 Tech Micro-Influencers to Follow Right Now

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Emily Helwig
Top 20 Tech Micro-Influencers to Follow Right Now

As the world becomes more and more digitized, the tech sphere is seeing more and more voices emerge as thought leaders. And with tech knowledge on their side, these influencers are creating some of the best content on the web today. 

But it's not always the biggest voices that have the best and most thoughtful insight on the tech world today. Micro-influencers -- social personalities who might not have followers in the millions -- can be some of the most knowledgable and worthwhile players in the tech business today.

So, we're taking you beyond Silicon Valley with these 20 up-and-coming technology micro-influencers

Joanna Stern

If you visit Joanna Stern’s website, you’ll be welcomed by humor and special effects. It’s clear that Stern loves tech and she knows her stuff.

As a columnist for The Wall Street Journal, she writes about the world of technology and how consumers can make better choices when purchasing new products. She was also previously the technology editor at ABC News.

Follow Stern on Twitter to keep informed with fun videos and great advice.

Website   |   WSJ Author Page   |   Twitter   |   Facebook

Mina Markham

Making waves in the world of technology, Mina Markham is a Syracuse grad and engineer. She was a software engineer for Hillary for America and is currently Senior Engineer at Slack, a well-known communication system for companies. With a long and impressive resume, Markham is an engaging tech figure who is also active in politics.

Website   |   Twitter   |   GitHub

Justin Germino

By day, Justin Germino works in IT. By night, he's busy reviewing, blogging, and hosting giveaways on his technology & entertainment site, DragonBlogger. Whether it's a new Android tablet or a waterproof action camera, you can bet that Germino has reviewed it. 

Germino also regularly hosts giveaways on his Facebook and other social accounts -- winners are showcased on his virtual Winner's Wall

Website   |   Twitter   |   Facebook   |   Instagram   |   YouTube

Gillian Bakker
Tech Girl

Another member of the fast growing females in tech group is Tech Girl -- a website created by Gillian Bakker. In her Instagram page description, it says “Making tech feminine.”

Mixing beautiful girly aesthetics with technology, Bakker is growing her following with her gorgeous posts of pastels and highlights of her work in the tech field. Who says tech can’t be pretty?

Website   |   Instagram   |   Facebook   |   Twitter   |   Pinterest

Charles Hudson

Venture Partner at SoftTech VC and CEO of Bionic Panda Games, Charles Hudson is a well-known micro-influencer.

Hudson puts together tech conferences that join together both the world of social media and the world of gaming. Conferences are often vital in the tech industry for people to gather, network, and spread awareness of new ideas and technological advancements.

Hudson is most active on his Twitter, so be sure to check there for his industry updates.

Website   |   Twitter   |   Pinterest

Nastassia C. S.
The Mind Designer

With pops of bold yellow, The Mind Designer is a brand designed especially to help women in tech become motivated to succeed.

Headed by a woman named Natassia C.S., the site is dedicated to Nastassia's business coaching women who feel “overlooked” or “undervalued” in their career.

Website   |   Instagram   |   Facebook

Marie-Philippe Gill
Girl Knows Tech

Girl Knows Tech is a blog written by Marie-Philippe Gill, a software engineering student with a degree in Computer Science. With 23.4K followers on Instagram, this inspiring young student writes about her interests in tech.

She interviews other women involved in the tech industry in a special section of her blog titled "Women in Tech." She also helps other bloggers by writing articles on how to create and promote better blog posts.

Website   |   Instagram   |   Twitter   |   Facebook

Ryan Block

You know Ryan Block has some tech industry connections when you realize he was able to snag the simple @ryan Twitter handle). Block is a popular tech leader involved in many projects in the industry. With 84.4K followers on Twitter, he has a hefty amount of influence but still qualifies for this list.

His current project is called Begin, a project looking to improve workflow for companies.

Website   |   Twitter

Kimberly Bryant
Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code founder Kimberly Bryant is making changes in the tech world. Now striving to bring diversity into the industry, Bryant remembers the difficult experience as a black electrical engineering student.

On her website, she is quoted:

“I remember being excited by the prospects, and looked forward to embarking on a rich and rewarding career after college. But I also recall, as I pursued my studies, feeling culturally isolated: few of my classmates looked like me.”

Now, Bryan is the leader of a project that introduces programming and coding to young girls of color.

Website   |   Twitter   |   Facebook

Brady Haran

With 64.6K followers on Twitter, Brady Haran makes the list as a tech influencer involving filmmaking and numbers.

On Haran’s Youtube account, he creates insightful videos about the Fibonacci Sequence, Pi, and how to mathematically cut a cake into equal parts.

If you’re into the subject matter Brady Haran covers, he’s without a doubt a figure to follow.

Website   |   Twitter   |   Youtube   |   Subreddit   |   Patreon

Michael Sheehan
High Tech Dad

As Michael Sheehan writes, his blog High Tech Dad is "where technology and fatherhood collide." And that's exactly what you'll get when you visit the site. 

With sections ranging from tech reviews and gadgets to family & parenting, Sheehan embodies everything that a 21st century dad should be -- and makes it all look easy. 

Website   |   Twitter   |   Facebook   |   Instagram

Horace Dediu

This next vocal leader in tech is all about mobile. Horace Dediu is the guy to follow if you want opinions, predictions, and articles written by someone who knows how mobile devices are shaping the world.

Using charts, he describes how he thinks the mobile world is currently operating, and how it will play out in the future. His website, Asymco, allows users to author relevant articles for peer review. 

Website   |   Twitter

Edgar Oganesyan

Edgar Oganesyan is a popular micro-influencer who talks about high budget to low budget tech set ups. He makes tech videos on Youtube in a series called “Set Up Wars” where he has most of his following.

From monitors to keyboards to mouse pads and more, Oganesyan is the go-to niche influencer for all your sweet set up needs.

Website   |   Youtube   |   Twitter   |   Instagram


Alexia Bonatsos

With her experience as co-editor of TechCrunch, Alexia Bonatsos knows a thing or two about tech. Her website and Twitter account are filled with funny points and tech info. Follow her and stay updated while having a laugh or two.

Website   |   Twitter

Evelyn Rusli

When looking for tech insight, why not look to someone who's running a successful startup firsthand? Before Evelyn Rusli started her baby food brand Yumi, she wrote tech articles for The Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch. 

Now, she is active on Twitter and Instagram, where she discusses Yumi and general tech news.

Website   |   Twitter   |   Instagram

Mahendra Palsule
Skeptic Geek

Follow Mahendra Palsule’s Twitter account and you’ll find a great hub for interesting retweets. His website, Skeptic Geek, has opinion articles about the tech industry. He is also an editor at Techmeme.

On his Twitter account, you’ll find out what’s happening in the international tech world, and learn how India is taking part in the industry. 

Website   |   Twitter

Emily Chang

It’s surprising that Emily Chang doesn’t have more followers since she is so involved in the tech world. Regardless, Chang is a big tech influencer and interviews major players in the field. She’s interviewed Arianna Huffington, and Mark Cuban, among other industry giants.

Chang is also the host of Bloomberg's Studio 1.0, and speaks regularly with influencers that are making a difference in the industry. 

Website   |   Twitter

Hunter Walk

Before becoming a partner at Homebrew, Hunter Walk worked with Youtube and Google. He has an impressive following on Twitter with his feed full of tweets about startups, what’s going on around the industry, and a little bit of political commentary.

Website   |   Twitter

Ed Bott

A tech journalist and avid tweeter, Ed Bott is a big influencer on our list. His tweets are heavy on political events as well as technology.

Ed Bott has written for PC World, PC/Computing, and ZDNet. With over twenty years of experience in the field, he is well informed and a smart influencer to follow.

Website   |   Twitter

Louis Gray

Last but not least is Louis Gray. Gray is one of the only influencers on the list who's active on Google+, but it makes sense - he's a self-proclaimed Google advocate. 

While you may not be one to scroll your Google+ feed, subscribing to Gray will give you updates on all things Google, Silicon Valley, and startup. 

Google+   |   Website   |   Twitter  

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