What's Deal Rep on Dealspotr?

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What's Deal Rep on Dealspotr?

We’re true geeks here at Dealspotr HQ, so in true geek fashion we developed an algorithm to answer the question: which users post the best deals on Dealspotr?

Deal Rep is exciting because its not just a nice-looking stat, its also a bonus. Deal Rep boosts to the karma you earn on Dealspotr. We’ve designed it so that if you have a Deal Rep of +25%, you’ll earn 25% additional karma for every deal that you post on Dealspotr. The maximum Deal Rep is +100%, at which point you’ll be earning effectively double karma for every deal post. Our goal is to make it increasingly rewarding for our best members who share the best deals to share more deals with us. And don’t worry, Deal Rep cannot hurt you - the minimum Deal Rep is 0% at which point you’ll be earning the same karma you did prior to Deal Rep’s existence.

So how is Deal Rep calculated? Basically, we look at multiple factors about how well the community responds to each deal you post. If more people respond positively to your deals, your Deal Rep will increase as a result. We also look at your overall level of activity on Dealspotr, whether you login frequently and post deals and interact with other members. The more active you are, this will also positively impact your Deal Rep. Between these factors, we place the greatest weight on the quality of the deals you post, so you will see that members who post less in terms of volume, but who post really awesome deals, will have the highest Deal Rep.

So how can you boost your Deal Rep? Quite simply, post deals with us often, and try to find really great deals. Naturally, better deals get more response from others, and will lead to a higher Deal Rep score. Also, generally being more active on Dealspotr will boost your Deal Rep, so come by and say hi to your fellow Dealspotrs periodically!

As always, we welcome your feedback on this and any other part of Dealspotr, please send your comments to feedback@dealspotr.com.

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This guide was published on January 29, 2016, and last modified on January 29, 2016.

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