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PetSmart Coupons & Promo Codes

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PetSmart Couponing & Savings Guide

While your beloved pets are worth every dime you spend on them, you don’t have to spend your last dime if you shop the right way at PetSmart. PetSmart isn’t shy about providing its loyal customers with coupons and extra savings. Because PetSmart is an essential stop for many pet owners, these savings definitely add up over time. Here are a few things you should know for your next trip to PetSmart.

Sign up for PetSmart’s PetPerks Program

Registering for the PetSmart PetPerks program is one of the easiest ways to stack up discounts. Every month, PetSmart selects over a thousand in-store items for specially marked PetPerk pricing. You’ll also get advance notice of upcoming specials, helping you to avoid the frustration of buying something the day before it goes on sale. In addition, members get special pricing on online items and articles with tips on pet care.

Inside Tip

Be sure to register your pet’s birthday for a free gift!

Try Price Matching

PetSmart offers an in-store price match guarantee. This means that if you find a product in stock at PetSmart for a lower price at a competing store, PetSmart will match the price. You’ll simply need to bring proof in the form of a receipt or an advertisement with the lower pricing. The only catch is that PetSmart can’t match clearance, liquidation, or special event pricing.

Inside Tip

PetSmart also offers an online price match guarantee. They’ll match any competitor’s online everyday price for identical, in-stock products at PetSmart. The only catch here is that the price matching does not include shipping costs.

Find Manufacturers' Coupons

PetSmart’s coupon policy includes valid manufacturer coupons. This opens up a whole new area of savings, as most pet food brands issue manufacturer coupons. Check the inserts in your local newspaper or look at sites like to find manufacturer coupons for pet products. You can also always ask a PetSmart associate if they have any available coupons for the items you’re purchasing.

Inside Tip

Not only does PetSmart accept manufacturer’s coupons, but they also accept competitor’s coupons. As long as the coupon is for an item in stock at PetSmart, with a valid expiration, and visible barcode, PetSmart will gladly accept them.

Purchase Discounted Gift Cards Before Shopping

Purchasing discounted gift cards is a smart way to save money and definitely should not be overlooked in the context of PetSmart. While most discounted Cardpool gift cards for department stores average about an 11% discount, the Cardpool gift cards for PetSmart offer a significant 19.5% discount. Most pet owners know how much money they spend monthly on pet food and other pet necessities – so there’s no reason why pet owners shouldn’t be regular customers at Cardpool.

Set Grooming Appointments During Off-Hours

The PetSmart grooming salon sees most of its furry clients early in the day. If you book an appointment after 4 p.m., you may be able to save up to 25% off of these services. PetSmart lists grooming specials on its website and the discounts are applicable to both appointments and walk-ins.

Inside Tip

When looking at the PetSmart specials online keep your eye out for offers of a free exam at certain pet hospitals. This can provide significant savings.

Go to to Get Your Pet’s Prescription Filled

If your pet’s medications are getting too costly at the veterinarian, ask your vet for a written prescription, and head over to The Pet360 section allows you to add the medicines your pet needs, enter the vet and pet information, and then once Pet360 verifies the info – your shipment will arrive. One of the biggest perks here is that shipping is free!

Shop the Special Events

PetSmart has several events throughout the year that brings pet owners and great offers together. For example, August 15th is the annual “Meet the Pets” event, where customers can go to their local PetSmart and play with the various animals. When PetSmart draws in a crowd, it’s safe to say that special offers and deals will be included. Another fun event is the PetSmart “fright and delight” event, where pet owners can dress up their pets in Halloween costumes, then bring them to the store for a goodie bag of free treats. In addition, the first 100 pet parents typically receive a free tote bag.

Inside Tip

Like the PetSmart Facebook page to stay updated on upcoming events!

Shop the Savings Spotlight Section of

The Savings Spotlight section can be found on the homepage. Once you’re in this section, you can filter offers by animal (dog, cat, bird, etc), and they often have special offers for flea and tick treatment and prevention.

Check the Local Ad

Use the local ad link at the top of the PetSmart webpage, and enter your zipcode. You’ll then select the PetSmart you wish to visit, and be able to view the local ad for that store.

Inside Tip

If you see a coupon you plan to use, be sure to check if the offer is exclusive to PetPerks members. Several of the local ad coupons require a PetPerks card – which is just another reason to sign up!

Do Some Digging For Rebates

You might have to do a little searching, but there are PetSmart rebates out there. For example, ExquisiCat litter once had a deal where you use a mail-in rebate to receive a $25 PetSmart gift card when you spend $25 on ExquisiCat litter. This deal was only applicable at PetSmart, but you may have better luck doing an online search for manufacturer’s rebates. Simply use your favorite brand as a keyword in your search.

Use the PetSmart Adoption Kit When You Adopt

If you plan to adopt a new pet, check out the PetSmart adoption kit. When you bring in your new pet’s adoption papers, PetSmart will help you save on all of the essentials, and they’ll even hook you up with freebies. Don’t forget to check out the “new pet checklist” they offer for new pet parents.