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Sears Coupons & Promo Codes

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Sears Expert Tip

Sears has an outlet store: Sears Outlet, where you can find deeply discounted and surplus items.

Sears Couponing & Savings Guide

As one of the oldest department stores in America, Sears understands the importance of offering its customers decent prices. While some store locations have drawn criticism for their aging appearance, they generally remain popular due to the excellent value they provide ... especially to bargain shoppers.

There are a few techniques that savvy deal seekers use to find amazing discounts at Sears and Dealspotr has broken each of them down below.

Join the "Shop Your Way" Rewards Program

What It Is

Launched in 2009, Shop You Way had a bit of a rocky start and confused some customers, but it has evolved into a good rewards program over the past few years. It is free to join and once you become a member, you are issued a member number that you must use to take advantage of your membership. Becoming a Shop Your Way member also comes with a 90-day free trial of Shop Your Way MAX, which is an Amazon Prime type paid subscription that comes with free 2-day shipping on many items. Thankfully, you will not get automatically charged for Shop Your Way MAX after 90-day trial period. If you choose to continue it, the cost is $39 a year.

How It Works

Shop Your Way is like a rewards program on steroids. It has so many features and is somewhat complicated to figure out at first, but once you get the hang of it, the potential benefits are substantial.


There are over 150 online partners in the Shop Your Way program, including most major retailers, and every time you shop online at those stores you'll get points applied to your Shop Your Way account. The key is that you have to first sign in at and begin your shopping trip by visiting their list of online partners and clicking on the store you want to shop at. You will then get taken to a partner page where you'll need to click the "Shop Now" button.

The amount of points you get varies by store, but all of this information will be available on the partners page. Shop Your Way sweetens the offer at times as well, doubling the amount of points you'll get per store.

Another way you can get points is by enrolling credit or debit cards with Shop Your Way. There are a few dozen more partners that only provide points to Shop Your Way members that have a credit or debit card enrolled. Unlike the online partners, these partners also allow points to be allowed for in-store purchases. Many popular restaurants are among these partners.

You can also shop for products based by category on the site by clicking the Departments tab and earn extra points that way as well, sometimes a significant number. Another option is to search for brands by clicking on the Shop tab and you can get bonus points for buying certain products from various brands.

As if all of those mechanisms to get points weren't enough, Shop Your Way also has a fun section called "Surprise Points". This is basically a place where Shop Your Way randomly gives you extra points just to be nice. You'll want to check back here frequently to see if you've been awarded any bonus points. Bear in mind that these points often have conditions attached such as only being applicable to particular product categories or brands and having fast expiration dates.

At this juncture, you are probably wondering how to redeem all those points you accumulate. It's actually quite simple. You just shop at one of the four participating stores (Sears, Kmart, Lands' End or and redeem the points using your membership number at checkout either in-store or online. Each 1,000 points correlates to $1 in value.


We've just barely scratched the surface of Shop Your Way's power so far. In addition to the points aspect of the program, there is also a digital coupons component. You can load these coupons onto your Shop You Way membership number and when you check out you will receive the stated discount. These coupons are sometimes store-wide such as $5 off at Sears, or dedicated to particular categories like $10 off $50 in clothing, or to particular products like $25 off a major home appliance purchase over $499.


Shop Your Way also has a flash sales section on the site called "Deals". These deals are provided by Groupon, which is a Shop Your Way partner or by Sears and Kmart. There is a "Deal Heist" feature as well that includes limited time offers from a whole host of different web sites for items ranging from jewelry to tools to furniture and much more.


Shop Your Way has a ton of social, interactive and gaming features that you can use as well to help you try and save. We urge you to explore the site yourself to get a better grasp on all of these features and learn how they fit best with your own shopping needs. There is also a VIP program that offers additional perks and a sweepstakes section where you can sign up for free to win points or even cars.

Insider Tip

You can create Shop Your Way catalogs for yourself in order to keep track of items that you might want to purchase later. This is a great way to monitor prices and stay abreast of all the best deals, while organizing your shopping lists.

Get Significant Discounts Using Promo Codes and Coupons

How Sears Promo Codes and Coupons Work

Even if you choose not to take part in the Shop Your Way program, Sears still offers frequent promo codes and coupons and they are often site-wide and of high value. While the savings are sometimes higher for Shop Your Way members, that is not always the case. Much like other department stores, the downside to Sears promo codes and coupons is that they have lengthy lists of exclusions.

Sears is not a fan of allowing stacking, so it's very rare to find a promo code or coupon that can be used on clearance sale items. Luxury brands and specialty products are also often excluded from coupon eligibility. Despite all of that, the regularity of the promo codes and coupons and how substantial they are make them very useful tools for bargain shoppers.

Insider Tip

Come back to often to find the best online promo codes available for Sears. You can also discover Sears coupons via postal mail or inserts in newspapers and other regional print publications.

Score Up to 75% Off By Shopping Sears Clearance Sales

Explaining Clearance Sales

Sears is not only a major department store that carries traditional items like clothes, furniture and electronics; it also has a robust tool section and is one of the leading retailers for major appliances. Many of Sears' rivals don't come close to matching its selection of tools or appliances. This means Sears has to save store and warehouse space for a huge range of products, including some that are rather large like refrigerators or lawn mowers.

Having so many items for sale, many of which are very bulky, means Sears has to be very pro-active about unloading excess inventory. Enter clearance sales. Sears has huge clearance sales all the time as a way to get rid of old items that are either struggling to sell or are just outdated. Sears has to replenish its stock somehow, after all.

Insider Tip

Sears clearance sales typically offer exceptional value and we encourage you to always start your shopping trip by perusing the clearance section first. Only look at the regular-priced items if you couldn't find what you wanted on clearance.

Download the Sears App

Why It's Worth It

Thought it hasn't gotten the notoriety of some other store apps, the Sears app is actually very impressive. In addition to being able to compare products by feature, price and user reviews, you can check out what Consumer Reports had to say about the product or chat directly with representatives from major brands like LG to ask them specific questions.

Not many stores offer that kind of functionality, but Sears goes even further. You get notified first of new coupons and sales that become available and can take a look at the local sales flyers in the app. Another nice perk is that you can avoid shipping by arranging for free in-store pickup for many items.

Insider Tip

The app has a unique in-vehicle pickup feature that allows you to notify the store once you arrive and they'll bring your order out to your car or truck, so you don't even have to go inside.

Consider a Sears Credit Card

Why It's Worth It

If you are a loyal Sears shopper then it might be worth it to get a Sears credit card. Most Sears departments offer a discount, typically 5% off to Sears credit card holders. That can really add up as you buy higher ticket items like fitness equipment, appliances or furniture.

Perhaps even more attractive than the discounts you get as a Sears card holder, however, are the no interest options. As long as you pay the bill in full within 12 months and don't have any late payments, you can purchase all sorts of expensive products ranging from jewelry to mattresses to car supplies without any interest. That's a gigantic advantage over other credit cards that charge astronomical interest rates.

Insider Tip

Always check the latest terms and conditions before signing up for a credit card as they are subject to change all the time. Also, always verify that a particular offer is applicable to online purchases as some are only available in-store.