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You can find deeply discounted Staples products sold at Amazon.

Staples Couponing & Savings Guide

In many ways, home offices have become as ubiquitous as kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Even for those who don't have one, they typically reserve some nook or cranny of their home for office supplies. As the trend to home offices has exploded over the past couple decades, so too has Staples' growth. The big box office supply store has become a favorite of so many customers due to its broad selection and affordable prices.

It doesn't take a whole lot of effort to score a deal at Staples because its prices are already quite reasonable, but there are a few strategies you can use to turn a decent price into a fantastic one. Read more below to become a bargain shopper extraordinaire at Staples.

Join the Staples Rewards Program

How It Works

The Staples Rewards Program functions much like countless other store loyalty programs. It is free to sign up for and offers special perks to members, who successfully complete registration by entering their name, physical address, phone number and email address. Unlike rewards programs from other stores, however, Staples' perks are legit and make it well worth the hassle of joining.

Here are the main benefits:

  • Get 2% Back on All Purchases: Every time you buy something at Staples (with the exception of postage stamps, prepaid phone cards, gift cards and third-party website orders made through, you will get 2% of the price given back to you in the form of Staples Rewards. Staples Rewards are essentially store credit vouchers that you can use on any item sold at Staples. They are issued in $5 monthly increments, and if you haven't hit the $5 threshold, then they keep rolling over each month until the end of the following calendar quarter. At that point they are lost. As an example, if you went to Staples today and spent $500, you would receive $10 in Staples Rewards that would be distributed to you at the end of the month. You could then use that $10 in Staples Rewards on anything in the store.

  • Free Shipping on Purchases: This benefit is rare and very useful. Instead of having to pay or spend a minimum amount to get free shipping like you do at Amazon or Walmart, Staples offers it for free to Rewards members.

  • $2 in Rewards for Ink Recycling: For every $30 you spend on ink or toner over a 180 day span, you'll receive $2 back in rewards.

  • Bonus Reward Events: Periodically throughout the year Staples sets aside a few products that provide bonus rewards if purchased.

Insider Tip

If you spend between $500 and $1,000 at Staples over the course of 12 months, your Staples Rewards membership will be bumped up to Plus. This means you'll get 3% Rewards back on all purchases and you'll also get up to $25 in free copy and print services and one free diagnostic check of your hardware or software from one of Staples' tech experts. If you spend over $1,000 at Staples in a 12-month span then you'll get all of the aforementioned benefits as well as $20 towards 1 year of tech support and exclusive access to more special savings events.

Always Check for Promo Codes and Printable Coupons

How It Works

Though Staples does not accept manufacturer or competitor coupons, it does offer a vast number of printable coupons and promo codes. Check out the coupons section of to see all of their printable coupons. Staples releases new printable coupons every week, so make sure to visit the coupons page regularly to see the newest coupons. Printable coupons can be used in-store or at Promo codes can only be used on and the best place to see which ones are currently available is by coming back to Dealspotr regularly.

Staples categorizes its coupons in two ways. One category is referred to by Staples as "Transaction Coupons" and this encompasses store-wide coupons that apply a discount to an overall order. The second category is referred to by Staples as "Product Coupons" and this encompasses coupons that apply a discount to a specific product. Only one transaction coupon is allowed per order. Only one product coupon is allowed per product and product coupons cannot be used on sale items or in conjunction with instant savings promotions.

Insider Tip

There is a relatively lengthy list of products for which Staples coupons are not eligible. Included among the excluded items are any Apple or Bose products and any mobile phones or mobile phone services. Go here to see the complete list of exclusions.

Peruse the Daily Deals, Clearance and Deals Center Pages

How It Works provides a number of ways to get extra savings, one of which is the Daily Deals page. This page features a new discount offer every day. Some days the offers are better than others, but it's always worth a few seconds to find out whether the deal merits consideration. Make a point to read the disclaimer, though, as exclusions do apply to these daily deals.

The clearance section is more straightforward and oftentimes offers even better bargains than the Daily Deals page. There are regularly discounts of up to 90% off and there is a bigger inventory of clearance items than you would expect. It takes a little bit of time to browse the section, but it pays off if you are able to find an incredible deal on something you were looking to buy.

Another alternative provides for bargain hunters is called the Deals Center. It arranges sale items by category and provides users an easy way to search for specific items that are currently being discounted.

Insider Tip

For shoppers who don't get printed circulars in the mail or in their local newspaper, does publish local weekly ads on its website. Just make sure you enter the right address so you get the appropriate ad.

Take Advantage of Staples Rebates

How It Works

When it comes to rebates, Staples is one of retail's heavyweights. The store has an outstanding rebates section on that is well worth your time. Rebates are essentially cash-back offers for eligible products. You typically have to fill out some form and provide proof of purchase and then either submit it online or mail it in and you will then be sent the cash back via postal mail, usually after a few weeks.

The easiest way to discover rebates is by going to the Find Rebates page on where you can search by manufacturer, SKU, product keyword or rebate number to see if there are any rebates for items you plan to or already have bought. You can also track the status of your rebate submission on

Insider Tip

We recommend checking the rebate section before you make any major purchase at Staples. Rebate availability and value can often make the difference between whether you are getting a good deal or should consider buying the product elsewhere.

Don't Forget to Price Match

How It Works

You won't find too many price matching policies more accommodating than Staples'. They will match a competitors' price for any identical item with the notable exception of clearance, grand opening or liquidation sales. They also won't match Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale prices or flash sale prices. Nearly all products are eligible (excluding gift cards, postage or tech support services) for price matching and competitors are considered to be any retailers that sell products in both retail stores and online under the same brand, plus

It does get a bit tricky when rebates enter the equation. Staples does count its own rebates when considering whether to price match, so if you paid $50 for an item and got a $10 rebate, then Staples would only price match an item that is less than $40, instead of $50. Conversely, Staples does not take into account competitor rebates. For example, if a competitor has an item for $50 with a $10 rebate, and Staples has the same item for $60, then Staples will price match the item to $50, not $40.

Insider Tip

Staples does permit price adjustments. If you bought something at Staples and it goes on sale soon after, then you have 14 days to notify the store and get a refund on the difference between what you paid and the new lower price.

Buy Discounted Staples Gift Cards on

How It Works

The strategy of using gift cards as a saving mechanism is foreign to many people, but it can be a very effective technique. is a site that sells gift cards at a discount. It currently has Staples gift cards available for 7.5% off. To put that in perspective, it means you can get a $49 gift card for only $45.50. By buying a discounted gift card before every shopping trip to Staples, you are basically getting a store-wide 7.5% discount. Add that up over time and the savings can become quite significant.

Insider Tip offers both electronic gift cards that can be used online or printed at home and brought into the store and physical gift cards that will be mailed to you with no extra shipping cost. also offers a $5 reward every time you refer a friend, so it pays to spread the word!