20 Fashion Instagrammers To Follow In 2019

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Andie Schilstra
20 Fashion Instagrammers To Follow In 2019
“With more than 200M on Instagram connected to fashion accounts all over the world, Instagram has become a global destination for people to experience this stylish industry unlike anywhere else.” - Instagram Business Team

The connection between fashion and Instagram is so deeply linked. Fashion statements are seen and followed on millions of Instagram accounts, and fashion trends in the real world have been deeply impacted by the Instagram scene. The stylish inspiration driven by fashion on Instagram has changed our perception of clothing, and fashion influencers have grown into a widely followed niche of Instagram user.

Dealspotr has many successful fashion influencers in our directory, so we wanted to share 20 of them that you should follow for your own fashion inspiration in 2019.

Atsuna Matsui - @atsunamatsui

Atsuna is an LA based fashion influencer with over 449K followers on Instagram. She posts beautiful photos of her trendy outfits and stylish fashion statements while traveling to fun, hip places. Her style is very hipster, including bold shoes, cool hats, and fun prints in her clothes. Atsuna is turning into a style icon, inspiring all of her followers to live a healthy, trendy lifestyle.

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Runa Lucienne - @runalucienne

Runa is a model and actress based in Los Angeles. She has made appearances in Project Runway and New York Fashion week, strutting her stuff and styling some pretty great fashion brands. Runa has over 359K followers on Instagram and posts a lot of sexy fashion statements on her feed. She likes eating healthy, feeling trendy, and showing off her curves in some gorgeous outfits.

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Thomas Falkenstedt - @thomasfalkenstedt

Thomas is a male fashion influencer based in Stolkholm, Sweden. He is a fashion editor at Candid Magazine, and posts some trendy European-style fashion on his feed. Thomas has over 73K followers and loves to sport hip outfits in new places he explores. He enjoys discovering new places to visit and becoming part of the fashion and culture, which he discusses in his online blog.

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Adaleta Avdić - @adaatude

Adaleta is a fashion and travel blogger based in Tucson, Arizona. She has over 505K Instagram followers and posts beautiful candids and style shots in her fashionable get-ups. She works with different brands to create sponsored content, and loves sharing her favorite style and beauty tips. You can read Adaleta's blog and shop her Instagram to get in on some of her fashion trends.

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Anna Marisax - @anna_marisax

Anna is a Swiss YouTube personality who loves fashion for curvy girls! She posts updates on her fitness journey and shows off her curves in some beautiful outfits taken on her travels. Anna has over 151K Instagram followers, who watch her videos and take styling tips from her luxury travel pics.

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Delaney Childs - @thestyledseed

Delaney is a fashion and beauty influencer based in Southern California. With nearly 92K followers, Delaney has her followers hooked on her stylish looks and trend-setting styles. Her photos highlight her amazing wardrobe and leave us wanting her looks each and every time. Delaney's high-end closet and beautiful hair and makeup styles are just to die for.

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Eddie Otero - @eddieotero

Eddie is a content creator and male fashion influencer based in Miami. He has over 155K Instagram followers, and posts a lot of posed and styled content in his fashionable outfits. Eddie is often outdoors enjoying the Miami sun, taking photos in some trendy sunnies and business casual attire.

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Grace Liang - @colorandgrace

Grace is a petit fashion influencer in her 40s! She promotes style and health on her Instagram with over 129K followers. Grace posts photos of her hip outfits and beauty tips, from eyelash extensions to skincare. Her radiance is clearly seen and admired, making us all want what she has to keep us looking young and beautiful!

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Melisa Beleli - @melisabeleli

Melisa is a young fashionista based in London, UK. She has over 172K followers and has created a unique Instagram aesthetic that draws you to her profile. She posts photos of her trendy outfits on the streets of London, capturing the nature and architecture all around her. Melisa also posts about her travels, showing her followers sights from Geneva and Istanbul.

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Starr - @starrjoyblog

Starr is a fashion blogger based in Los Angeles, California. With the most beautiful hair and her big, bright eyes, Starr captures her audience with her stunning looks and fun-loving outfits. She has 22.6K Instagram followers, and posts about her adorable and affordable clothing purchases for everyone to enjoy.

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Gregory Tinari - @menstyleguide

Gregory is a male fashion consultant based in Los Angeles, California. He started the Men's Style Guide to provide in-depth coverage of classic men’s style. Gregory has over 109K followers, and posts high-quality, timeless looks. He has a passion for classic men’s fashion and the desire to live life elegantly, and his Instagram definitely reflects that.

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Vanessa Rose - @vanessarosetilley

Vanessa is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Brazil and is currently based in Miami, Florida. She is all about pink, pink, pink! You can't catch her without some hint of pink in her wardrobe, which makes her Instagram profile so eye-catching and gorgeous. Vanessa has 39.1K followers, and posts a lot of stunning beauty shots outside or in luxurious (and pink!) dining locations.

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Stephanie Abraham Knox - @bohemiancrown

Stephanie is a fashion blogger from Ohio, who is dedicated to helping you create your style, express your fashion, and define your beauty. She has over 140K followers and posts about which trends and lifestyle clips to shop for. Stephanie is a style and beauty enthusiast, with over a decade of fashion and personal styling experience. She is here to help us all look fabulous and stick with the trends.

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Natalie Anastasia - @pastelandpassports

Natalie is fashion influencer and traveler based in Los Angeles, California. Her Instagram aesthetic is a gorgeous shade of pink and orange, and her travel photos give us so much life. Natalie went to Paris and took some amazing new stylish pics, bring us more European inspo than we can handle. She has 37.2K followers and likes partnering with fun brands to bring us tips, trends, and awesome giveaways.

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Teral Atilan - @teralatilan

Teral is a Turkish freelance journalist, currently based in London, UK. She is a self-confessed shopaholic who loves buying new clothes and showing off trendy styles. Teral's Instagram has over 119K followers, and highlights her stylish looks and video content showing off multiple outfit ideas for us all to try.

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Alex Valley - @alexvalley

Alex is a stylish small-town boy based in California. He has 92.1K Instagram followers, and posts a lot of men's fashion styles, as well as fitness and model photos on his feed. Alex is fitness goals, fashion goals, and boyfriend goals (sorry girls, he's taken), and loves working with brands to bring you the best products on the market.

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Ophelia - @sincerelyophelia

Ophelia is a petite fashion, beauty, and travel blogger based in New York City. She was named Miss New York in 2015, and has since continued to share her beauty and fashion sense with the world. Her Instagram has 68.7K followers, and she posts a lot of cute styled looks in new places she travels to. Ophelia loves to share her petite styling tips on her profile, and hopes everyone can live vicariously through her adventures.

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Tricia Nibarger - @covetbytricia

Tricia is a Kansas City blogger showcasing lifestyle, fashion, and motherhood. She posts beautiful photos of her kids, who wear just as cute outfits as she does! Tricia often matches her children as well, which makes for a double amazing fashion photo. Her Instagram has over 53K followers, and her cool toned aesthetic is everything cozy and sweet that we love.

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Sinead Crowe - @sineadcrowe

Sinead is a fashion and travel blogger based in the UK. She started her career as a fashion buyer, which led to her realization of who she didn't want to be! This drove her to become a freelance stylist and fashion blogger, which has turned her anxiety into passion and made her much happier. Sinead has 91.2K followers on Instagram, and she posts beautiful layered outfits in all of the places she travels.

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Parker York Smith - @parkeryorksmith

Parker is a men's fashion influencer based in Hollywood, California. He uses Instagram and YouTube to post about men's fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment, while giving his followers some men's outfit inspiration. Parker has 43.7K followers on Instagram, and likes sharing business casual fashion tips and wellness ideas for men.

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