55+ Gov't, Tax, Insurance, & Other Helpful Resources for American Expatriates

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55+ Gov't, Tax, Insurance, & Other Helpful Resources for American Expatriates

From the writers’ movement to Europe in the 1920’s to the emigres of today, American expatriates have a long and rich history of trotting around the globe. While data on the subject is tough to compile, in 2016 the US State Department estimated there may be as many as nine million US citizens living outside of the States. And for each of those nine million people, finding resources for American expatriates is key.

While the idea of living outside of the US may seem romantic, the reality of it can actually be quite difficult. Filing taxes as an American expatriate, getting visas outside the US, and finding housing and employment abroad— all of these things involve a tremendous amount of time and research. That’s why we’ve put together this guide of over 55 of the best resources for American expatriates.

It’s important to keep in mind that many of the resources you’re looking for will be location-dependent, meaning you’ll need to seek out housing, work, and visa information in the specific city and country where you’re planning to live. What we’ve done here, however, is to provide a list of some of the best general resources that can help you get started and move through the process of living as an expatriate abroad. Here’s what you’ll get in this guide:

  • 4 of the best government resources for expatriates

  • 13 websites and organizations that help American expatriates

  • 11 useful American expatriate job boards

  • 5 sites for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) as an expatriate

  • 12 American expatriate housing boards

  • 7 tax preparation services for expatriates

  • 5 best insurance plans for American expatriates

Government resources for expatriates

These are a few of the most useful government resources for American expatriates:

Department of State (DOS). The DOS is one of the main government agencies you’ll be dealing with for information on international travel or if you have an emergency abroad and need some sort of assistance. Check here to find out what they can do for you in the event of an emergency, including helping folks wire you money or providing loans if you run into financial trouble and assisting with lost or stolen passports.

Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP). FVAP offers a specific page dedicated to helping you vote while overseas. On their site, you can find out how to get a Federal Post Card Application which you can fill out in order to both register to vote and apply for an absentee ballot.

IRS.gov. The IRS also has a specific page to help folks who are living and working abroad make sense of their taxes. You can find out how and where to file, what documentation you’ll need, and the specific differences between filing while at home versus abroad.

US Embassies. American embassies abroad are your main point of contact when it comes to answering questions, providing resources, or managing emergencies while you’re living abroad. Find a list of US embassies in foreign countries here.

Useful organizations and websites for expatriates

These organizations and websites can help you navigate the basics of living and working abroad:

American Citizens Abroad (ACA). A nonprofit and non-partisan organization, American Citizens abroad works to educate, inform, and advocate on behalf of American expatriates. You can join as a member to access benefits including stateside banking services, discounts on club memberships in the UK, webinars on issues like tax filing and Social Security, and notary services. Their resources page is especially helpful.

Associates of the American Foreign Services Worldwide (AAFSW). This non-governmental organization provides support to American diplomats, both active and retired, and their spouses and children. In addition to events, online community, and social programming, they provide mentorship opportunities for foreign service families and support for emergency situations.

Association of American Clubs (AAC). American clubs exist in several locations around the world and provide a great place for US expatriates to connect with one another abroad. Check out their website for a full listing of American clubs around the world.

Association of Americans Resident Overseas (AARO). AARO is an organization that both provides services to and advocates on behalf of American expatriates living abroad in 46 different countries. Membership gets you access to their insurance plan, the ability to chat with AARO experts when you have a question, and discounted rates to their AARO events.

EscapeArtist. This site is great for expats looking for advice on living and earning money abroad. They’ve got useful information on cryptocurrency, real estate markets, investing, and retiring abroad. Sign up for their newsletter to get a free guide on filing taxes as an expat.

Expat.com. This is the ultimate site for expatriates, offering job, housing, and classified listings at locations around the world. Check out the community forum where you can connect with over 2 million other expats and chat about life abroad.

Expat Exchange. Expat Exchange is a website and community forum that offers guides, resources, and advice on relocating abroad. They’ve got a job board, a list of trusted companies for global relocation, community forums for a number of different countries, and city- and country-specific guides for expatriates.

Expat Focus. This site provides tons of useful information on living abroad in many different cities plus advice on finances, health, property, and relocation services for expatriates abroad. Check out their blog and their podcast to stay up to date on the latest news for expats.

ExpatWoman. ExpatWoman is a great resource providing articles on life abroad as a woman in several Middle Eastern countries.

Families in Global Transition (FIGT). FIGT is an organization that supports families living and working abroad. You can sign up to be a member to get access to certain members only privileges and resources, but they also have an excellent free resources page for everyone to enjoy.

International Citizens. Find useful articles and information on living abroad as well as city-specific guides for expatriates on International Citizens. They’ve got especially helpful information on navigating insurance as an expatriate.

InterNations. InterNations is an organization and online community forum connecting expatriates in 420 different cities in 166 countries worldwide. Each of their community pages offers event listings, information, and peer forums to help you get the lay of your new land.

Nomadlist. This site compiles crowdsourced data from hundreds of cities across the globe to help you figure out the costs of living, safety, entertainment, internet access, and more in different locations. Their rankings are constantly updated, plus they’ve got forums where you can connect with folks in different cities to see which one is right for you.

Expatriate job boards

Take a look at these job boards to help you find work as an expatriate abroad:

Expat Network. In addition to their nearly 30-year history of providing useful resources and information for expatriates, Expat Network features one of the top job search platforms for expatriates with listings from countries across the globe. Listings are searchable by country, keyword, industry, and contract or permanent positions.

Go Abroad. This site offers listings of a variety or work and education experiences in a number of different foreign countries. Through their Jobs Abroad board, you can search for job openings by country and by your field of expertise. They also offer listings for gap years, adventure travel, and opportunities to study, intern, and volunteer abroad.

GoinGlobal. GoinGlobal features over 16 million job listings, all available in both English and the native language of the country where you want to work. You’ll also want to check out their Career Guides where they provide regularly updated information on careers and employment for 120+ locations worldwide.

Go Overseas. This site provides listings and reviews for over 14,000 programs for studying and working abroad. Sign up with them to save your favorite programs, chat with other folks living abroad, and start planning your move abroad.

Jooble. Jooble is a popular job search site for expatriates that features listings from over 60 different countries. Simply select the country where you’d like to work, then search for jobs by city, keyword, and popular openings in the area.

MyExpatJob. This site provides global listings of available jobs and potential employers, specifically for expatriates. A unique feature of MyExpatJob is that you can post your own CV or resume for potential employers to find and recruit you for their job openings.

Overseas Jobs. Overseas Jobs is another site for expatriates, professionals, and adventure seekers to find work abroad. You can search by job or region, plus check out their tools and tips, articles, and career research pages for more helpful information.

Teach Away. This job board offers listings specifically for folks looking to teach abroad. Register for their site to save and apply for jobs, create a profile, and get messages from recruiters.

Transitions Abroad. Whether you’re looking to live, study, work, or volunteer abroad, Transitions Abroad has the right listings for you. Their job board includes travel, summer, student, au pair, and farm jobs, while they offer an extensive list of internships and volunteer opportunities. The site also offers blog articles with useful information on transitioning to life abroad.

Working Nomads. If it’s the digital nomad lifestyle you’re after, this site has a bunch of job offerings that allow you to telecommute or work remotely so you can earn money while you travel the globe.

XPat Jobs. Find work in over 140 different countries with this UK-based website. You can search by job type and by location, plus they also offer CV revising services to help you land your perfect position.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) for expatriates

One of the most popular ways to work abroad is by teaching English to both youth and adults. Once you’ve gotten your certification, you’ll be able to find work at tons of locations worldwide. These are some websites where you can get your certification and find work.

Footprints Recruiting. Footprints is a Canadian-based recruiting firm allows you to apply for a bunch of different TEFL and general teaching jobs in China, Korea, and areas of the Middle East with one easy application.

International TEFL Academy. Although they’re based in Chicago, the International TEFL Academy provides online and in-person courses at many locations around the world. Once you complete their certification course, you’ll have lifetime access to their worldwide job search guidance.

i-to-i. In business since 1994, this site has both course and job offerings for folks looking to do TEFL work abroad. Check back with them for regular discounts like their current special of up to 45% off courses and 15% off travel in Vietnam.

TEFL Heaven. TEFL Heaven provides you with the training you need to teach English abroad as well as access to job opportunities in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Check out their programs here.

TEFL.org. This site can help you find the right online or in-person TEFL certification course, plus they have an extensive board of job and internship listings.

Moving and housing resources for expatriates

Check out these sites to help you find housing while you’re abroad, and take a look at the international moving companies we’ve recommended to help you get there:

Allied Moving. Allied offers international moving services to over 130 different countries featuring their sophisticated tracking service for your shipments. Call them to get a free quote, and be sure to look for Allied coupon codes here.

Expat.com Housing. Expat.com’s housing board is one of the best places to look for rentals and homes abroad. Search by location to find the best housing in the region where you want to live.

Experts In Moving. Use this site to get five free quotes from international movers to help you choose the best rate and best-reviewed companies for the job.

Globexs. Globexs provides services and access to furnished rentals for expatriates living in Belgium, Holland, France, and Spain.

Home Exchange. Home Exchange began in the 1970’s and continues to be a thriving market for folks who want to swap homes with people and families abroad. All you need to do is register and you can list your own home and get access to over 65,000 listings of other homes abroad. This is a great option for shorter stays abroad and can result in more or less free living expenses at your desired location. Find Home Exchange promo codes here.

Mind My House. Sign up with them and pay a $20 annual fee to become a trusted house sitter. Once you’re registered you can bid to be a house-sitter for people across the globe and get free accommodations where you’re staying in exchange for house sitting.

MoverDB. This site provides lets you compare international movers so you can get the best rate possible on your specific move.

NorthAmerican International. With over 80 years of international moving experience, NorthAmerican International can help you with all the important aspects of moving overseas including how to pack most effectively and the steps you need to take to clear customs.

Sabbatical Homes. If you’re an academic looking to spend your sabbatical or other time abroad, this is a site that caters to you and your housing needs. Search by city or university to find rentals, home exchanges, and other living arrangements.

United Van Lines. United not only offers moving services to 180 countries worldwide, but they’ll also help you obtain the proper visas and immigration papers, find housing, and get settled with schools and services for the family.

US Global Mail. This company offers mail forwarding services to expatriates living abroad. They can manage sending your letters and packages to your address abroad, plus they offer virtual mail services where you can direct them to open and scan letters to you so you can read them online.

XPat Rentals. This site features expatriate rental postings for folks looking to relocate or find long-term rentals in several European countries as well as the United Arab Emirates.

Expatriate tax assistance

One of the most challenging things about living and working abroad is ensuring that all of your taxes and paperwork are in order. These services and sites can help you get all your ducks in a row:

American Citizens Abroad. Check here for the ACA’s list of trusted expatriate tax preparers.

American Expatriate Tax. American Expatriate is located in Hong Kong, but can help you with your taxes regardless of location. They offer certain special discounts including a 10% off promotion if you file by January 31 and up to 20% off your taxes for referring friends to their services.

American Expat Tax Services. This company provides tax preparation services for Americans living abroad with a specific focus on those living in Canada. Set up a free consultation with them to learn more about your options and get a quote for their services.

Expat CPA. Expat CPA has nearly 25 years of experience helping American expatriates file their taxes. All of your tax preparation can be done online and is typically complete within five business days.

Greenback Expat Tax Services. Greenback works specifically with American expatriates as well as foreign citizens either living or investing in the US. They’ll file state and federal taxes as well as both business and individual paperwork for a flat fee. Get an extra $25 for each client you refer with their refer-a-friend program.

Taxes for Expats. Taxes for Expats can help you prepare your US taxes as an expatriate. You can get a 20% discount on their services when you file three or more years at a time, plus they offer a $75 cash bonus for each client you refer to them.

William and Parsons, PC. This firm specializes in expatriate tax returns. You can set up a free 30-minute phone or Skype consultation with them to discuss your options and pricing. Once you’ve sent in all your paperwork and your payment, they’ll do the work of e-filing for you.

Expatriate insurance plans

Insurance varies in different countries and can be complicated if you’re not a citizen of the country where you’ll be staying. Here are a few international insurance plans for expatriates:

Aetna International. Aetna offers expatriate health insurance plans that can help you get fast and quality care while you’re living abroad. Check out their website to get a free quote.

Cigna Global. Through their International Medical Insurance plans, Cigna offers customers health care coverage including essential hospital stays and treatment, mental health services, and a secure online platform for managing your plan. You can also add on optional services like international outpatient care, medical evacuation services, and vision and dental plans. Get a quote here and check out their useful Expat Resource center here.

GeoBlue. Blue Cross Blue Shield offers special insurance plans for expatriates and folks traveling abroad, including their XPLORER plan which is perfect for expatriates who plan to spend a long time abroad. Check out their quote generator on their homepage to find the right plan for you.

IMG. IMG offers a variety of International Health Insurance plans based on the length of your stay abroad, your desired deductible, and what type of coverage you need. Visit their homepage to get a quote for your insurance plan.

Safety Wing. If you’re a digital nomad who’s planning to travel, Safety Wing offers travel medical insurance starting as low as $37 per month. They cover medical emergencies and accidents as well as travel-related issues like lost luggage and travel delays.

Living abroad as an expatriate should be everything you dreamed of, not a nightmare of paperwork and searching frantically to meet all of your basic needs. Take a look at the resources we’ve provided here to ensure that your move and, indeed, your life abroad stays as smooth as possible.

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